Bridge Program

Bridge Program Director with Bridge studentsFor decades, Solebury School has recognized that not all college-bound students are the same. While some of our students come with skills and methods in place that many adults would envy, others spend their high school years developing these abilities.

Within our classes and as part of our general culture, we help students along this path. Some of our students, however, need a little extra structure and support to reach this point. Solebury School's Bridge Program is designed to help students whose success is hindered by difficulty with organization, with executive functioning, or with getting their ideas out in writing. Students take a full schedule of classes, but will have a period every day they share with one or two other students.

There is a fee for this program.

In everyone that attends Solebury School, we believe there is an artist, an athlete, and a scholar. We are all creative, we have a body and we have a mind. That is the challenge of education today, to help students see all of the innate characteristics that are part of the person they are becoming, and then to cultivate excellence from all of the gifts that they have been given. Helping the disorganized student learn how to cope, tackle, and improve their ability to navigate their academic day is overtly addressed in the Solebury Bridge Program. —DIANE DAUER, BRIDGE PROGRAM DIRECTOR