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Imagine attending school and being energized. Imagine feeling respected, understood, and appreciated by your teachers. Imagine being inspired by education. Imagine a place where being you is celebrated, and where people are kind to one another. School CAN be like this. Solebury School IS like this. We can't wait to meet you and show you what your Solebury School experience can be.

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Meet our Alumni






Lakumi Dias ’18
West Windsor, NJ
Fordham University ’22, Psychology/Pre-medicine 

Before Solebury, I would never have imagined myself giving a TEDx talk. Solebury’s nurturing community is what makes it special. Learning is a collaborative effort, and the teachers really care. The anatomy class I took at Solebury inspired me to pursue medicine and led me to join my university’s EMS program, helping real patients in need. That’s been an important job during COVID, and I’ve been able to do it because of the confidence I gained at Solebury.











Will Gao ’18
Westchester County, NY
Cornell University ’22, Computer Science

I was always interested in math and science, but before Solebury, I felt pressured to pursue a career in STEM. At Solebury, the pressure evaporated and I found my own personal motivation.

My physics and math teachers were great mentors, and I also found an unexpected love for language and writing in my English classes. Being in that environment was really empowering. 

I decided to study computer science at Cornell, focusing on software development, and I’m starting my career at Facebook/Meta. My goal is to create something that will make a real difference in people’s lives and inspire the next generation of STEM students. 






Gabe Parsons ’19
Hopewell, NJ
Loyola University New Orleans ’23, Popular and Commercial Music

Solebury set the foundation for my musical career. I took all the music classes I could. Thanks to Rock Band, Film Scoring, Songwriting and Theory, and Jazz Roots, I expanded my skills faster than I could have anywhere else. I even recorded my first album while still in high school. Solebury is definitely not your average school—in a good way. You’re not locked into one track, so it’s a great place to explore different interests and start to find what makes you tick. Solebury is where I started to find my voice as a performer and it taught me a professionalism I still use now.








Krystal Hu ’17
Beijing, China
Duke University ’22 Visual Media Studies and Statistics

I’ve always been drawn to visual communication. I spent a lot of my time at Solebury in the darkroom, and created work there that I’m still proud of today. Solebury’s supportive community was important to me, especially as an international student, so as an RA at Duke, I recreated that feeling. That sparked my interest in how physical spaces affect how we feel, something I hope to keep exploring in the future as an interior designer. At Solebury, there’s space to figure out what’s important to you and what your values are. You can define what you want to get out of your journey.