Diversity is at Solebury School’s core. From our Global Education Concentration to our trips abroad and student exchanges, our students learn to understand and appreciate their roles as global citizens—that includes deliberately creating a student body drawn from around the United States and the world. To that end, we welcome international students in several ways.

Are you a fluent English-speaker?
Consider one of these opportunities at Solebury School:

  • Half-Year and One-Year Programs
  • Multi-Year Program, culminating in a Solebury School diploma
  • Post-Graduate Program
  • Exchange Programs

Solebury School Merit Award for Global Citizens
Learn more about this opportunity to make a Solebury School education possible for students from all areas of our world.

In the last five years, Solebury School's student body has included citizens of Afghanistan, Bermuda, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam.



  • Solebury School has the ability to issue the form I-20 as a Sevis-certified school.
  • Browse our 5-year college acceptance list.

MEET OUR Meet our International Admissions Team

Jordan Reed

Solebury School's Director of Strategic Admissions Initiatives/Assistant Director of Financial Aid...

“I was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania on a farm that produced everything from American Bison to Poinsettias during my formative years. My whole world existed in one small town in the middle of Pennsylvania and I was largely unaware of other cultures and places. When I reached high school, I was lucky enough to attend a boarding school that offered me the chance to take my first international trip. In 2004 I spent the summer living and studying the German language in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. That was a seminal moment for me, and in many ways I have never looked back. I have since taken every opportunity I could to travel to new places, including 6 months of field research spent living off the grid in the Australian rainforest, and trips to over a dozen other countries. I see great value in global citizenship, new experiences, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. I think Solebury is a great place for students to live and learn to be well-rounded global citizens. We have a thriving, diverse community at Solebury and I look forward to meeting students who are excited to join our school!”

To discuss any of Solebury School’s international program options, please contact Jordan:
Email: jreed@solebury.org
Phone: 215.862.5261 ext. 129
Fax: 215.862.3366
Skype ID: jreed@solebury.org
TOEFL Institution Code: 9695
SAO Code: 7390
WhatsApp: (717) 360 5300

Rashad Shabazz

Solebury School's Director of International Recruitment, is truly a global citizen...

“I’m elated to have joined my alma mater Solebury School as the Director of International Recruitment.

Prior to coming back, I spent four and a half years working and living in Beijing, China as an English teacher instructing and mentoring Chinese high school students at an international boarding school. During the aforementioned stint, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to numerous countries around the world and build lifetime bonds of mutual trust and respect with people from all walks of life. I welcome and savor the opportunity to build bridges between people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. As a former boarding student and now a dorm head at one of our student residences, I have a profound appreciation for and understanding of everything the "life on campus experience" has to offer here at Solebury. 

I look forward to sharing my firsthand knowledge and information about the unique and close-knit Solebury School community with prospective families across the globe!”

To discuss any of Solebury School’s international program options, please contact Rashad:
Email: rshabazz@solebury.org
Phone: 215.862.5261 ext. 137
Fax: 215.862.3366
Skype ID: rshabazz@solebury.org
TOEFL Institution Code: 9695
SAO Code: 7390
WhatsApp: (609) 638-2673
WeChat: rashad_shabazz

BLOG POSTS FROM Jordan & Rashad 

Bringing Back the Fun

It is natural during Covid to feel a sense of loss because we weren’t able to engage in the typical shenanigans and allegedly ironic enthusiasm surrounding boarding traditions that make Solebury such a fun place to be. However, with spring around the corner and the virus on the decline, these traditions will be back! 

Constructing a “Better” Normal Together

My faith in Solebury’s profound commitment to being “what school should be” and its pledge of respect for all individuals has not wavered. There still are and always will be more issues to tackle, and I am confident we can work through them together to continue to ensure our community connections stay strong and we deliver a world-class education to our students. Together we can construct a new and “better” normal.