Homestay Program

Every year, Solebury School welcomes students from around the world. For many international students, living at Solebury among a diverse group of friends, immersed in campus life, is the ultimate experience. Others prefer to study in the United States while living with a family and sharing in their lives and daily routine. Both are wonderful options and at Solebury School, we are pleased to offer both.

For students who prefer the Homestay experience, we work with several independent, trusted companies that offer comprehensive and personalized service. They match our Homestay students with families who are warm, welcoming, and well-educated, who value academics in the home, who live close to Solebury School in beautiful Bucks County, and who are excited to introduce our Homestay students to American culture.

Throughout the year, these companies remain in frequent, consistent contact with the student, natural family, host family, and Solebury School to ensure that all needs are met.

We can accommodate a variety of students through our Homestay Program, including those seeking…

  • A multi-year enrollment, culminating in a Solebury School diploma
  • A year-long experience
  • A half-year program

Apply now to take the first step on this journey.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Solebury School community and helping you form a lifelong bond with your American family.