Math Support Program

The Math Support Program (MSP) was developed to ensure that every student's study of math contains as many opportunities for challenge as possible, while providing the support each student needs for success in mathematics.

These students have the opportunity to enroll in our Algebraic Concepts I, Geometric Concepts, and Algebraic Concepts II classes. These classes teach the fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry, thus fulfilling Solebury's graduation requirement for mathematics. To help conquer the difficulty these students have with math and math anxiety, this support program is kept especially small. Students are taught using coded notes, differentiated curricula and multi-sensory tools.

This program is designed to meet students' individualized needs upon admission to Solebury School. Each year, students are evaluated at the end of the winter trimester to determine eligibility for the following year. The program is designed with a class block and a lab component to allow students ample time for discovery and embedding of concepts.

Because of the unique staffing structure, there is a fee for this program.

"In the classroom, my goal is to help students see themselves as capable and intelligent. Too many young people have given up on themselves with math. When I proposed creating the Math Support Program after doing my doctoral work, it was these students who I had in mind. My favorite moments in teaching are when I reach these students, and when I see their confidence grow." — Dr. Jennifer Perez (shown above), Program Director

To answer any questions you may have or to schedule an informational discussion with the director of this program, please contact Jen at