Algebraic Concepts I Course


The curriculum is designed to strengthen fundamental algebraic skills and to increase mathematical confidence. It is intended for students with diagnosed math disabilities and students who have limited success in previous coursework. The course includes a standard class period plus a math lab, which meets every other week.

Algebraic Concepts Course I (ACI)

This course will engage students through a multi-sensory and multidimensional curriculum that will allow them to discover the fundamentals of algebra. Technology will be infused whenever appropriate. This course fulfills the Algebra 1 piece of the Math graduation requirement.

In this course, students will be asked to:

  • Demonstrate multiple ways to answer a question
  • Complete daily homework and keep a timeline for longer projects
  • Work with technology, including an online textbook
  • Use an app to reinforce current concepts
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills using a TI calculator

Math and Science Curriculum Sequence

Due to the connection between math and science, the standard science sequence may be altered. This will be determined on an individual basis by the Heads of the Science and Mathematics departments along with the Director of Studies. However, while the sequence might be different, all students enrolled in the Math Support Program (MSP) must still complete all Science graduation requirements.

Student accommodations for the Math Support Program include:

  • Extended time on summative and formative assessments
  • Multiple types of assessments, including verbal testing
  • Access to extended technology and related resources

    What Follows the Program?

    For some students, just one year of MSP is needed. For others, support is provided for all three levels of mathematics: Algebraic Concepts I, Geometric Concepts and Algebraic Concepts II, thus completing the graduation requirements. We offer Algebraic Concepts I every year and teach the Geometric or Algebraic Concepts II courses every other year.

    Eligibility for Admission

    Student eligibility for this program will be determined by their application materials, including their standardized test scores, previous grades and teacher recommendations. An evaluation or interview by Dr. Jennifer Perez, our Director of MSP, can be scheduled. Please note: Due to the specialized instruction and extra support that students receive, there is an extra fee for this program.