Tuition and Financial Aid

The Benefits of a Solebury School Education

A Distinctive, Dynamic Academic Experience
Solebury students have access to a broad and varied selection of courses, including AP and Honors courses in every discipline, electives most students won't encounter until college and a robust after-school and weekend activity program. You will find an environment where you can stretch yourself to try new things, and peers and mentors who can help you maximize your talents.

Dedicated Faculty
Our teachers are experts in their fields, are tremendously passionate about what they do, and view education as something that happens all day, every day. Whether in class, at an event or on the field, teachers and staff are available and ready to work with you.

Post-Grad Connections
Not only will you find lifelong mentors, advisors and friends in your former teachers, you will have access to networking opportunities through our staff, alumni and parents. These resources can offer leads into almost any industry, in many parts of the world.

Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

High School Boarding (9-12) $59,750
High School Day (9-12) $41`,750
8th Grade Day $31,724

Learning Skills Program Fee $15,190
English as a Second Language Fee $13,740
Math Support Program $5,643
Bridge Program $8,799

Domestic Application (US) $50
International Application $150

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Some families can manage tuition on their own, others have loved ones who can help make it happen. Families should explore all possibilities fully. However, many families’ resources may still not be enough. Because Solebury is committed to making our program available to a diverse group of students, regardless of family financial circumstances, we allocate a portion of our resources to scholarships and financial aid. Approximately half of our students receive some form of financial assistance. There are two kinds of aid available:

Trustees Merit Scholarships

Generously created by our Board of Trustees, Merit Scholarships make a Solebury School education more affordable. The Merit Scholarship Committee awards them to young people who they feel are poised to become leaders of our community, model students in the classroom, or stars on the stage or field. The scholarships are renewed each year throughout the student’s career at Solebury, contingent upon their good standing. To be eligible, students must complete their full application by December 15th. Those applying for the Merit Scholarship program can also apply for financial aid and should follow the deadlines described below. Learn more about Merit Scholarships here.

Need-Based Financial Aid
We are committed to making a Solebury education available to as many students that we accept as possible. We use SSS (School & Student Services) to help us process financial aid applications. Parents fill out SSS’s Parent Financial Statement form (PFS), and our Financial Aid Committee uses the figures generated by SSS, called an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), to determine a family's financial need. Financial Aid is limited, so it is important to complete the financial aid process by the deadlines listed below. It is also essential that you report on the PFS any assistance you receive from relatives or other sources.

The Admissions and Financial Aid processes are separate. If the Admissions Committee accepts a student, only then do we review if the family has applied for financial aid. If they have, the family's financial aid file then goes to our Financial Aid Committee to determine what kind of financial aid package we are able to offer.

Unfortunately, there is not enough aid to fund every child who meets our admissions standards. If the financial aid committee feels there is not enough aid to meet a family's requested need, the student may be placed on a wait list for financial aid and no enrollment contract will be offered unless sufficient aid becomes available.

"As a middle-income family, we always thought that attendance at an independent school was simply out of reach for us. Fortunately, through Solebury School’s Merit Scholarship program and generous tuition assistance, our three children have had the opportunity to spend their high school years in a wholesome environment where they are valued as individuals, challenged as learners, and inspired to discover their passions. As parents, we could not be more proud knowing they are set to become confident and successful adults. Yes, we have had to make sacrifices along the way, but it is absolutely worth it. The children are thriving! Realizing that none of this would have been possible without the financial assistance the school was able to offer our family, words don’t seem to be enough to express our sincere appreciation. Thank you, Solebury School, for giving our family this tremendous gift. We are forever grateful!"
—Jonathan and Andrea O'Brian P'17 '19 '21

Financial Aid Deadlines and Decisions


Submit PFS through the School & Student Services website. (Note: They will ask you for your 2017 financials.)

February 1

Upload tax returns, W2's and all other forms and schedules for 2017 to the School & Student Services website.

March 1

Those applying under the Merit Scholarship Program will receive decisions regarding admission, scholarships and financial aid in mid-February. Those applying under the standard application deadlines will receive admission and financial aid decisions on or around March 10. In both cases, financial aid will be confirmed once the required tax returns have been submitted and examined.

Other Options

Payment Plans: Our 10-Month Payment Plan℠ runs from June 1-March 1 each year. You may apply to this program at any time within these dates.

Loan Information: Your Tuition Solution℠ offers a range of convenient low, fixed-rate plans.

Payment Online: Pay Online any portion of your child's tuition via credit or cdebit card, or via electronic paycheck.

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Scott Eckstein, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities specific to your family. Please call him at 215.862.5261 or email him today.