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Imagine going to school and being energized, feeling respected and understood, and being appreciated by your teachers. Imagine being inspired by education and guided to become who you truly are meant to be. Our open houses give you the opportunity to discover how Solebury School can do this for you.   

At our virtual open house, you will hear from our uniquely qualified faculty who are dedicated to helping students fulfill their potential and achieve their own success. You will get to know our students who are thriving at Solebury as they take you on a virtual tour of our 140-acre campus and answer your questions about our programs, campus, and community. Whether your passion is arts, athletics, or academics, discover why Solebury is what school should be.

Meet Your Tour Guides

Arianna Dempsey '23

I love that Solebury is my home away from home. Solebury's welcoming community has allowed me to grow as a person and as a student. I have made lifelong friendships and have developed strong relationships with both faculty and staff on campus. I believe that Solebury has prepared me for the real world in so many ways and I am excited to continue my journey here and leave a lasting legacy with my sophomore class!

Leel Dias '23

 I love the amazing teachers here at Solebury who go the extra mile for their students and are always there for their students. I love the amazing community of supportive adults and students!! It's pretty great! 

Jalen Cline '22

One thing I love about Solebury is that I have been given the opportunity to be the best person I can be. This year was my first year taking an AP class and before now, I never had the confidence to take one. Solebury teachers helped me see that I could be successful in taking that class and push myself to be the best I student can be.

Olivia Hobson '23

I love this campus, our teachers, and staff. I’m genuinely excited to go to class because of the teachers and the atmosphere they create within the classrooms!

Kelly Hochenberger '21

I love the small class sizes and the community environment. Solebury has some of my favorite traditions, like the Under the Lights Soccer Game and the Whiteout Basketball Game.

Dylan McNulty '22

I love the Solebury environment. Not only the social environment but the beautiful campus surrounding us.

Jan Mejia-Toro '23

Solebury has offered me an enriching opportunity like no other. It's a dynamic community of educators and learners, and I've been able to grow my interest in STEM tremendously.

Amalia Nachman '21

I love that the community feels like family.

Stella Smith '22

I love the freedom we have as students!