Enter for the Solebury Song Craft Award!

The Solebury Song Craft Award is given to the student who shows great potential as a songwriter. It's awarded by the Music Department only when they feel it is merited; therefore, it is not given every year.

How you enter

1. You must have at least three completed songs (but can have more), with music and lyrics (see below regarding instrumental works). They must be recorded. Your recording does not need to be professionally done. We just need to hear what you think is a good representation of your work.

2. Send your work to Cathy Block no later than Monday, April 16. You can hand in a CDR, a SoundCloud link, MP3, etc. You must also submit your lyrics in written form. A pdf is fine. If you are submitting CDR's, Cathy will need five copies.

3. All materials entered will be reviewed by Cathy, Greg Lipscomb, and Phyllis Arnold, plus two outside judges who are music professionals.

4. Can you co-write with another writer? Yes, but we'll need the following info: All authors' names and what their contribution was, with your submission.

5. Can you submit instrumental only, works. Yes.

Results will be announced early June. There is a cash reward.

Right on! Write on!

Questions? Email Cathy.