Solebury School has recently expanded this area of focus, bringing on new faculty members with film industry experience and offering more classes, from Digital Filmmaking to Video Editing to Screenplay Writing.

In addition to honing skills such as storytelling and camera operation, our film courses also teach invaluable real-life skills such as project management, learning to work in groups, and how to take criticism.

For the 2017-18 school year, our Film Department installed a suite of new iMacs™ for our video editing software, Premiere Pro. The 2018-19 school year will see the debut of Solebury School's new studio for recording everything from short films to podcasts. The spacious studio is located in our Barn Complex and has lofted high ceilings, sound-proofing, and state-of-the art equipment. Decades ago, the room was a residential meeting space for boys who lived on campus.


Meet the Teachers

Brian Pearson, Film Department Head
Chris Canaan, Film Teacher
Jed Lindorff, Film Teacher


Watch the Video

One of our Digital Filmmaking students created the following video, including the animation. Go to our YouTube page to watch more videos from our Film Department.



“I’m thrilled we have such a talented and experienced team of educators in film. Not only do students get the chance to do hands-on, creative work which results in a tangible product, they also learn invaluable life skills. Having observed some of these classes myself, I know our students are loving these offerings while learning a ton.” —Director of Studies Rick Tony