Solebury School's music program is current, innovative, and unique.

Approximately one-third of students are enrolled in the music program each trimester. We offer seven music performance classes: A Cappella, Chorus, Diversity Music Ensemble, Jazz Roots Ensemble, Master Singers, Solebury Elite Ensemble and Vocal Performance Workshop. Each class has several performances throughout the year. Non-performing classes are also offered, such as Scoring for Film and Video, Music of the 1960s, Indie Music - Reshaping the Music World, Ear Training and Music Theory, Writing and Arranging Using Finale, Jazz Theory and Composition, Songwriting, and American Song Roots.

These classes are taught by highly skilled teachers who are working music professionals with real-world experience in the music industry and performance arena. They bring their contacts, expertise, and experiences into the classroom, creating a wellspring of inventive and impactful classes that often host industry professionals.


Meet the Teachers

Cathy Block P'14, Music/Dance Department Head
Phyllis Arnold P'12 '14, Choir Director
Greg Lipscomb, Instrumental Music Teacher

Course Offerings

A Capella, an ensemble class, covers the basics of singing, without instrumental accompaniment, across different musical styles, i. e. classical, African folk, doo-wop, spirituals, pop and more. Students learn the joy of building vocal harmonies while maintaining the rhythmic dance that characterizes a given style. Students are involved in choosing the songs learned.

Chorus is a performance class using group and harmony singing in a variety of styles. Students learn physical exercises to enhance and improve vocal skills, breathing, coordination, and rhythmic skills. The chorus has various opportunities to perform live, and several students have been selected for Bucks County Music Educator's Association County Chorus over the past ten years.


Considering Solebury School? Read our Letter to Prospective Music Students.



From Bach to Cold Play to African and Chinese Folk, Diversity Music Ensemble is designed to celebrate musical diversity across different styles, eras and cultures. String players of bowed and plucked instruments, vocalists, keyboardists, percussionists, and wind players are all welcomed. Also in the spirit of musical diversity, we often collaborate with students of other ensembles or other select musicians at Solebury. Students learn the art of building a strong musical team, being rhythmically in sync, and playing the supportive role as well as the solo within a group.

Jazz Roots Ensemble plays jazz or jazz-influenced music, but is not limited to that genre. As an instrumental and vocal group, students have played everything from Miles Davis to Ingrid Michaelson, as well as original works by our band members. Improvisation, listening, ear development, and playing as a tight unit are key in this class. We perform evening concerts, as well as making school assembly appearances. Listen to the Jazz Roots Ensemble perform student-written songs...


Master Singers is a select group of 12-16 students within the larger chorus. Participation in the Masters Singers is by invitation or audition only. The Master Singers have additional opportunities to perform and must audition for the Bucks County Music Educators Chorus.

Rock Band is a class devoted solely to playing and performing contemporary and classic rock. Come get the experience of what it feels like to be in a band. Students learn about rehearsing, stage presence, performance skills, and how to make an exciting arrangement for a band. Our concerts are fun, loud, and usually get the crowd moving. Vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome.

The Solebury Elite Ensemble is an ensemble designed for the musical student who plays at a very advanced level. Students are admitted by audition or at the discretion of the music director. Though preference will be given to those who are well grounded in the classical style and who can fluently read music notation, students will have the opportunity to study a mix of musical styles with all of their particular characteristics. Each student plays a role in choosing the ensemble's repertoire. Performances throughout the school year include a school assembly, a school auction, the end-of-trimester concert, and other off campus venues to be determined. Listen to the Solebury Elite Ensemble perform...


Private Music Lessons



As a service to students, the music department can arrange for outside music teachers to come to Solebury School to provide private lessons, including piano, voice, trumpet, flute, violin, viola, guitar, bass guitar, string bass, saxophone, and drums. A list of music instructors is available upon request.