Visual Arts Program          

Visual Arts

Professional artists teach our wide array of visual art classes. You can take introductory classes which provide classical training in drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography, and then go on to pursue any of these disciplines at a higher level.

We are one of the only schools in the country that offers a Life Drawing class, where advanced students can learn to draw live models. Our most advanced students can take AP Studio Art, receiving college credit while creating a portfolio to show to colleges.

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Meet the Teachers

Erika Fairchild P'13, Visual Arts Department Head
Kelli Abdoney, Photography Teacher
Kirby Fredendall P'21, Visual Arts Teacher
Chris Langhart, Visual Arts Teacher

"At Solebury, I realized that I could connect to the arts. I didn’t have to be just ‘good at math.’ A lot of people say great engineers are actually great artists, because they look at the world in a different way. Photography has helped me see the world in new ways, and now I can’t live without it. It was my teacher at Solebury who discovered that quality in me." —KRYSTAL HU '17