The 11th Annual Athletic Banquet Awards

At Solebury School's annual Athletic Banquet on Saturday, May 18, we honored our student-athletes and coaches. Director of Athletics Rob Eichem P'18 presented Emma Salerno '19 and Lucas Leguizamo '19 the prestigious Frank Ammirati Most Valuable Senior Athlete Award. The award typically goes to two athletes, one female and one male. "Both individuals are strong athletes, captains of their respective sports, and earned multiple letters and awards over their careers," Rob said before sharing the many accomplishments of Emma's and Lucas' athletic careers at Solebury. Tim Hall, our girls soccer coach, won Solebury's Coach of the Year Award. Tim also served as Solebury's lacrosse coach this spring.

Congratulations to Emma, Lucas, and Tim, as well as all of the student-athletes listed below!


Girls Soccer

Most Valuable Player: Nicole Cosner '20

Coaches' Award (2): Emma Salerno '19, Kelly Hochenberger '21

Most Improved Award: Johana Pineda-Angon '21

Cross Country

Most Valuable Player: Benjamin Bunting '20

Coaches' Award (2): Kangyang Guo '20, Sarah Waldon '19

Most Improved Award (3): Shaofeng Xu '21, Andrew Chen '21, Imojin Fury '22

Field Hockey

Most Valuable Player: Arlene Ricks '20

Coaches' Award: Emily Braun '20

Most Improved Award: Carly Feld '19

Boys Soccer

Most Valuable Player: Lucas Leguizamo '19

Coaches' Award: Martin Krob '19

Most Improved Award: Alex Doogah '20


Girls (Varsity) Basketball

Most Valuable Player: Paola Naughton '19

Coaches' Award (2): Arlene Ricks '20, Johana Karbanova '19

Most Improved: Kelly Hochenberger '21


Most Valuable Player: Garritt Zalewski '19

Coaches' Award: Alex Doogah '20

Most Improved Award: not awarded

Boys (Varsity) Basketball

Most Valuable Player: Troy McGregor '20

Coaches' Award (2): Luca Naughton '19, Ryan Conde '19

Most Improved Award: Charles Franklin '21

Winter Track & Field

Most Valuable Player (2): Kelly Hochenberger '21, Benjamin Bunting '20

Coaches' Award: Perry Udahemuka '19

Most Improved Award: Shizhen Liu '20


Track & Field

Most Valuable Player (4): Arlene Ricks '20, Kelly Hochenberger '21, Tyler Scotti '21, Lucas Leguizamo '19

Coaches' Award (3): Amel Ouji '20, Erik Hallberg '20, Imojin Fury '22

Most Improved Award (3): Morgan Barnes '22, Victoria Garcia '21, Tim Carroll '21


Most Valuable Player (2): Addie Groth-Tuft '19, Nicole Cosner '20

Coaches' Award: not awarded

Most Improved Award: not awarded

Boys Tennis

Most Valuable Player: Rodder Shi '19

Coaches' Award: Haokai Zhou '20

Most Improved Award (2): Frank Li '21, Gabe Parsons '19


Most Valuable Player: Grayson Baker '20

Coaches' Award: Jason Burns '19

Most Improved Award: Morgan Cowperthwaite '20

Boys Golf

Most Valuable Player: Ben DeSchutter '19

Coaches' Award: Kyle Schlegel '20

Most Improved Award: Peiyao Liu '21

Girls Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player (2): Emma Salerno '19, Sarah Waldon '19

Coaches' Award: ZiJing Zhai '19

Most Improved Award: Shamia Ortiz '21