The 12th Annual Athletic Banquet Awards

At Solebury School's annual Athletic Banquet held virtually on Monday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 19, we honored our student-athletes and coaches.

Our collective memories of the fall and winter should not and cannot be overshadowed by the spring we're now experiencing. The sounds of balls being kicked, hit, or dribbled, the whistles of officials, and the cheers from the bleachers will come back. New memories will be created. Now, though, we remember and celebrate our fall and winter sports teams. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes, varsity letter winners, and end-of-season award recipients!

Fall Awards

Girls Soccer
Most Valuable Player (2): Nicole Cosner '20, Madeline O'Brian '21
Coaches' Award: Jiayu Sun '21
Most Improved Award: Victoria Garcia '21

Cross Country
Most Valuable Player (2): McCaslin Miles '22, Charlotte Davis-Hup '21
Coaches' Award (3): Ethan Stein '20, Leel Dias '23, Imojin Fury '22
Most Improved Award: Erik Hallberg '20

Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player (2): Arlene Ricks '20, Julianna Tes '20
Coaches' Award: Gabby Hofing '20
Most Improved Award: Zy'Ira Redhead '23

Boys Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Henry Sharp '20
Coaches' Award: Daniel Cosner '22
Most Improved Award: Nils Nyberg '21

Winter Awards

Girls Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Paola Naughton '21
Coaches' Award (2): Vicky Zhang '20, Kelly Hochenberger '21
Most Improved: Imabong Enodien '23

Most Valuable Player: Nathaniel Evans '21
Coaches' Award: Massawa El '20
Most Improved Award: not awarded

Boys Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Troy McGregor '20
Coaches' Award (2): Charles Franklin '21, Thierry Lokrou '22
Most Improved Award: Javon Brewster '22

Winter Track & Field
Most Valuable Player: Tyler Scotti '21
Coaches' Award (2): Andrew Chen '21, Amelia Kroth '23
Most Improved Award (2): Brigid Hughes '21, Jackie Huang '22