The 10th Annual Athletic Banquet Awards

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, we celebrated our student-athletes, coaches, and parents at Solebury School's 10th annual Athletic Banquet.

Devon Brewster '18, Jacob Gleason '18, and Caitlin Miller '18 (shown here with Director of Athletics Rob Eichem) earned our prestigious Frank Ammirati Most Valuable Senior Athlete Award. Boys Tennis Coach Matt Mehler earned our Coach of the Year Award.

Here are the rest of the award recipients and photos from the event. Congratulations to all!


Girls Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Madeline O'Brian '21
Coaches' Award (2): Olivia Lutz '18, Addie Groth-Tuft '19
Most Improved Award: ZiJing (Sarah) Zhai '19

Boys Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Josh Zolkewitz '18
Coaches' Award (2): William Gao '18, Jackson Clewes '18
Most Improved Award: Marshall Overhiser '19

Cross Country
Most Valuable Player (2): Devon Brewster '18, Abigail Salerno '19
Coaches' Award (2): Andrei Benoliel '18, Cally Kerrigan '18
Most Improved Award (2): Aidan Holtz '20, Amy Tavipatana '19

Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: Lakumi Dias '18
Coaches' Award: Coco Cai '18
Most Improved Award: Elke Krieger '18


Girls (Varsity) Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Paola Naughton '21
Coaches' Award (2): Arlene Ricks '20, ZiJing Zhai '19
Most Improved: Marina Kobozeva '22

Most Valuable Player: Gianluca Sturla '20
Coaches' Award: David Rosenbaum '20
Most Improved Award: n/a

Boys (Varsity) Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Devon Brewster '18
Coaches' Award (2): Luca Naughton '19, Ryan Conde '19
Most Improved Award: Jupiter Shi '20


Boys Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Chang Yin '18
Coaches' Award (2): Paul Tavipatana '20, Frank Li '21
Most Improved Award: Haokai Zhou '20

Most Valuable Player (2): Jacob Gleason '18, Benjamin Roxey '18
Coaches' Award (2): Eli Ziff '18, Morgan Cowperthwaite '20
Most Improved Award: Ryan Conde '19

Track & Field
Most Valuable Player (4): Caitlin Miller '18, Josh Zolkewitz '18, Arlene Ricks, Kelly Hochenberger
Coaches' Award (4): Andrei Benoliel '18, Cally Kerrigan '18, Amel Ouji '20, Tyler Scotti '21
Most Improved Award (4): Erik Hallberg '20, Madeline O'Brian '20, Toni Mohn '22, Shizhen Liu '19

Boys Golf
Most Valuable Player: Ben Deschutter '19
Coaches' Award: Kyle Schlegel '20
Most Improved Award (2): Yunsheng Li '19, Yu (Ice) Hu '18

Girls Lacrosse
Most Valuable Player: Sarah Waldon '19
Coaches' Award: Sasha Guzman '19
Most Improved Award: Vivian Mou '19

Photos by Kelli Abdoney