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#ComeTogetherSolebury Sample Social Media Posts

Help spread the word about #ComeTogetherSolebury on your personal Facebook and Instagram. 

Sharing your stories, memories, favorite faces, and places are what make ALL the difference in inspiring your peers to join in on the June 12 fun! Throwback pics, selfies, current pictures of you and fellow Solebury alums are all great ways to share how you care on June 12!

Be sure to include #ComeTogetherSolebury in your posts so others can see them!

Feel free to use the following sample Facebook and Instagram posts.

Calling all alum and alum parents! We know the last several months haven’t been easy. But we are comforted knowing that, at Solebury School, our community has each other to lean on and care for. On June 12, we’re asking the Solebury community to come together for one day to show how much we care. Mark your calendars!

Today is the day! Head to now to give. @SoleburySchool‘s #LoveSolebury is the perfect opportunity to support what you loved most about Solebury. Gifts of ALL sizes will directly help unlock significant funds and make an impact in the lives of today’s students. 

GIVE NOW! Head to to show support for the Solebury person or place that that made your high school years special . I gave to #ComeTogetherSolebury because_______________. 

Today’s the day. Come together RIGHT NOW! Your care is critical as Solebury School navigates through the months ahead. Your support now, with a donation of any amount, is vital to ensure we have the resources to sustain the thoughtful, innovative, and joyful educational experience we all take pride in. I gave today, will you?

We all get by with a little help from our friends! GREAT things happen when we all come together. I'm hoping you’ll join me and come together (right now!) to help spread the word and support your friends at Solebury in ensuring we have the resources to sustain the thoughtful, innovative, and joyful educational experience we all take pride in.

I’m proud to be a Solebury Alumni Parent participating in #ComeTogetherSolebury! Join me in helping to ensure Solebury School will be offering students an inspiring education for years to come.

My favorite Solebury memory is ___________. Today I gave to #ComeTogetherSolebury to help current and future students create their own great memories. We have one day to make it happen!

GIVE NOW! Take a minute and catch up on our progress! #ComeTogetherSolebury to show support for all the programs at Solebury that made your time with us that much better. I gave to #ComeTogetherSolebury because_______________.