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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 101

You’ve got this. We know it. You know it. Now it’s time to make sure all your Solebury friends and family know it!

Step 1: What does #LoveSolebury giving day support? 

            What is the Solebury Fund?

The Solebury Fund.

The Fund makes things happen at Solebury. From vital departmental budgetary support, to maintaining and improving our sprawling green, nature-filled campus, the Solebury Fund provides uniquely fun community events for all of our students each weekend. It is and should always be there to ensure our community keeps moving forward. It should always support the ongoing opportunities for living and learning the Solebury way. It should, and it does. 

Step 2: Your story, your way

Your story and message will be what you want to share with you network BEFORE and on #LoveSolebury giving day. Tell everyone why you support the Solebury Fund. 
  • Share memories about your favorite person/s at Solebury: teachers, staff, dogs, cats, whoever inspired you, made you laugh, made you think, made you question, made you challenge yourself, taught you something new, put you on the career path you are on today
  • Share memories about your favorite place at Solebury: the DH, the Crib, the gym, the library, the Barn, the Art rooms, Abbe building, the PAC
  • Share how Solebury has made a positive impact in your life
  • Be sure to include this in your story: 
    • #LoveSolebury is December 8: One day, All day to reach our goal of 250 donors.
    • A clear call to action:
      • Give to Solebury School today! Consider joining me in sharing your Solebury love story.
      • Visit to join in this fast, fun, fundraising day!

Step 3: Select your Solebury Six

Make a list of six fellow alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, alumni grandparents, and parents you feel comfortable asking to make a gift to #LoveSolebury. 

Make one more list of six friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who may be interested in watching all the fun unfold on December 8. 

Step 4: Share your story through texts, emails, and phone calls

Contact your Solebury Six leading up to, on, and after #LoveSolebury. These are some key days: 

  1. December 7--post in the morning and last thing at night, mention any challenge matches you are part of, or that your group is included in: alumni, parents, etc.
  2. December 8--post first AM, 10am, lunch time, host a happy hour Challenge, after dinner, and right before bed for friends on the West Coast!
  3. December 9--Thank You

You can copy and paste any of these Sample Email Templates.

Take advantage of the social media materials available in the Social Media Tips section and the LoveSolebury Graphics section of your Advocate Toolkit. 

Step 5: Thank your peers

Sharing individual, personalized gratitude is critical to keeping your connections going. Send all your supporters a personal email, thank them in person, or send them a good old fashioned handwritten note. (We like the last one best!) Donors will receive a thank you letter from Solebury School when they participate through the campaign.