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2015-2016 Annual Report | Auction Gifts

There’s nothing better than a festive celebration at the dazzling Hotel du Village to support Solebury School. Last April, our annual dinner auction, Havana Nights, was an event to remember. Parents, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and trustees raised their paddles to hail our treasured school. The bidding was fast, furious and super-competitive as we raised more than $139,000, including the $68,000 raised for our special appeal, Above & Beyond Endowed Fund for Faculty and Staff.

This endowed fund, which celebrates faculty and staff, was created by the Home and School Association during the 2014-2015 school year. The award honors members of the Solebury community who have truly exceeded the expectations of their position – even by Solebury’s high standards. The special appeal helped grow the award, ensuring that it will inspire our educators for generations to come. After a nomination process by faculty and staff, Head of School, Tom Wilschutz presented this year’s award to Assistant Director of Admission Janice Poinsett, who retired in June after 28 years with Solebury School, as well as our talented and dedicated music teacher Cathy Block. You can discover more about these outstanding women by perusing our fall 2016 Solebury magazine.

We are in awe of our tireless volunteers (parents, alum parents, students and alum) who worked months on end, hour after hour, to create this remarkable event. Volunteerism is what makes this evening was so successful. Time and expertise, a precious commodity, is a powerful force on the Solebury campus. We are humbled and thrilled to list our very generous Havana Nights volunteers and supporters.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Kären and Jay Abbe '59 *****
Brad Acopulos '76
Jen Gershkovitz '96
Jennifer and Kai Aguilar P'21
Alex and Ani
Kim Alligood
Pablo Ambrosio
Peter Ammirati '82 and Maria McGrath **
Stacie Anastasio and Jessica Brabazon
Anton's at the Swan
Armstrong, Doyle & Carroll, Inc. *
Daniel Arnold and Linda Chaille-Arnold P'20
Athleta @ Princeton Market Fair
Richard and Christine Baker P'20
Matt Baron
Ed Beemer '74 *
Jane Bellando GP'19
Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18
Big Red Pedal Tours
Black Lab Studio and Imaging
Stephen and Maribeth Bogush
Mary and Scott Bolenbaugh P'09 *
Kevin and BJ Booth P'11
Bountiful Gardens
Michael Bramnick and Susan Weintraub P'18
Linda and John Brown '67 P'95 '98 ***
Jennifer K. Burns P'19
Steve Buteux **
Leni and Kamilla Calabrese P'19
Caleb's American Kitchen
Bill Christy
Robert and Tia Cavallaro P'21
Clusters - Bucks County Carmel Corn, New Hope
Angelo Coclanis and Maria Gil Gonsalez
Dan Cohen '63 and Patricia Cohen *
Cook to Order
Jeffrey and Susan Cooper P'18
Greg Voynow and Donna Cosgrove P'16
Arielle Cosgrove
Christopher and Vivien Cosner P'20 '22
Joe Crescente '96
Leila Arbani Crooks
Cross Country Nurseries
Crossroads Bake Shop
Barbara Fordyce and Robert Dahl P'07 '13 *
Mark and Deborah Daughterman P'18
Jeff and Linda Davis P'15
Debbie Martin Designs
Laura DeCerchio
James and Erin DeGeorge P'18
Delray Plus True Value, Inc *
Andrea Devereux P'14
Diana Michaels, Designers of Fine Jewelry
Brunda and Leslie Dias P'18
Martin and Carolyn Dorph P'15
Diane and Jonathan '71 Downs P'03 '08 '09 *
Corrine and Tom Duboski P '02
Clark Duff and Laurie Stone P'07 '10 '18
Duck Soup
Kerry Dunn P'15 '17
Marcia Durgin and Paul Rizzo P'18
Lauren and Scott Eckstein **
Susan Eckstein
Rachel and Robert Eichem P'18
Mme. Michelle Emery
Emily's Cafe and Catering
Andrée Newsome Falco '63 **
Ellen and Randy Faulkner P'06 '11 *
Jeremy Fergusson '63
Ferry Hill
First National Bank & Trust Co. of Newtown **
Maralee and Chuck Fitton P'14
Michael and Collette Foley P'15 '16
Four Seasons Car Wash
Kevin Fox and LynneAnne Fox P'17
Staci and Jonathan Freer*
Bruce Frohlich and Rachel Weinstein P'17
Ari Gabinet and Christina Paxson P'15
Tim and Susan Gallen
Garden State Discovery Museum
Garner Bros. Heating and AC, Inc.
Julie Garner/Las Flores Landscaping & Design
Michael Garner
George Nakashima Woodworker, S.A.
Giuseppes Pizza New Hope
Giuseppe's Lambertville
Arthur Glass and Karen Glass P'17
Geoffrey Glauser and Karen McKenna P'11 *
Daniel and Heather Goodman P'18 '21
Edward Greer and Melinda Wolff P'17
Charlie Groth and Dan Tuft (Keziah '13 and Adelaide '19)
Hamilton Grill Room
Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin and Schiller
Will Harvey and Heidi Benscik
Havana Restaurant and Nightlife
Philip and Dian Herman P'18 '20
Carol Hey
Kristin Higgins
High Point Cafe
Wayne Hill
HollyHedge Estate **
Holmdel Vet Clinic
Mark Hornung and Lauren Jones P'18
Hanna Howe
Henry and Christine Hubbs P'19
Janet Hunt P'71, '74 '76
Tom Hunt '74 *** and Kathrine Motley P'16
J. McLaughlin
Jessie Gamble P'19, Executive Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields
Gail and Michael Krieger P'18
Jules Thin Crust
Karla's Restaruant and Bar
Victoria '96 and Michael Keigwin
John Kerrigan and Catherine Kerrigan P'17 '18
Whitney Parker-Klimpel and Kenneth Klimpel P'06 '09 *
Carolyn Klinger-Kueter '55 **
Kramer Portraits
Michael Kreiger and Gail Johnson P'18
Russ and Pat Kulow
Anton and Sally Kuppek P'17
Joanne Levey '76
Karen and James Lewis P'11
Hongwei and Di Li P'19
Julie Liang
Te-Shou Lin and Li-Chun Yu P'14 '16
Logan Inn New Hope
Dr. Jeffrey Loomer '76
John and Rene Lutz P'18
Christopher MacBrien '79 *
John and Kelly Madey P'16
Stefanee Magill '92
Robin Mamlet P'19
Hugh Mangum and Laura Malone P'20
Manoff Market Gardens
Marhaba Middle Eastern Restaurant
Kara McCabe
McCaffrey's Food Markets
Douglas McCleery and Renee Richardson P'19
Steven Miano and Rosanne Mistretta
Elisa and Heinrich Markhoff P'16 '18
Carol Martin
Peter Martino and Dave DiMarchi
May Horticultural Services, Inc.
Michael and Ellen Melchiondo P'18
Metropolis Spa Salon
Metropolitan Seafood Gourmet
Britta Milks and Jason Petrarca *
Annette and Irvin Miller **
Valerie Minakawa-Parker '95 *
Mitchell Kramer '87 Tours Inc.
Moonstone Mystery Bookstore
Everett and Jonathan Morse
Nicole Mount and Eric Soroka
William J. and Holly Heath Mullin P'05 '08 *
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08
Kevin Nakashima '73 **
Mira ’59 Nakashima and John Yarnall
Luciano Sturla and Sandra Nazzaro-Sturla P'20
Silvana Nazzaro-Clark
Cariann Nelson
New Hope Photo
New York City Ballet
New York Sports Club (NYSC)
Jerry Nimick '56 ***
Nina's Waffles
Nomad Pizza
Jonathan and Andrea O'Brian P'17
Robert and Margaret Orlando P'20
Marshall Overhiser '19
Ronald and Gretchen Overhiser P'19
Paper Source
Audi and Michelle Peal P'18
Jen and Dan Perez
Joshua Perlsweig '03 and Natalie Hamill
Meg Perry
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Keith Pinckney, Sr. '87 and Ladonna Pinckney
Sarah Poten P'17
Princeton Brain and Spinal Care, LLC
Johnathon Proctor and Patricia Warner-Proctor P'19
Tao Qu and Teresa Zhang P'19
Elisa Rapaport and William Schabio P'17
Peter Rapaport
Jordan Reed
Joan Reinthaler '53 ****
Paul Rizzo and Marcia Durgin P'18
Ethan Rodan '01
Rosade Bonsai Studio
Mark and Melissa Roxey P'18
Amanda and Mike Salerno P'19 '22
Bill and Sonya Sappington P'15
Sarah Sargent and Chris May
Ellen Schmidt GP'98
Michael and Elizabeth Schmidt P'98 '20
Carl and Regina Sharpe P'19
Eric Shaw '55 *****
Jean Shaw '53 ****
Alan and Karen Sheriff P'08 '16
Mitchell and Robin Sherman P'17
Yi Shi and Lan Luo P'19
ShopRite Stores
Scott and Beverly Shymon P'16
Sandy and Scott Siegel P'05
Michael Sienkiewicz '56 ****
Alex and Terry Skovronek P'16 '18
Victor Sloan and Sandra Gong P'17
Sneddons Luncheonette
Spartan Performance Academy
Square One Pub
George Staikos - The Educated Grape
Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81 ****
Liza Stillhard '96
Robert Stockton '58, CPO, USN (ret.)*
Luciano Sturla and Sandra Nazzaro-Sturla P'20
Elizabeth Tallett and James Wavle P'11
The First National Bank of Newtown
The Hattery Stove and Still
The Lambertville Station
Charles and Pamela Thompson P'20
Tinsman Bros **
Rick and Jennifer Tony
Topeo Gallery
Two Buttons
Type B Tie Dye Studios
Terry and Marianne Underwood P'17
Nancy and Michael Vander Zwan P'19
Olga Vannucci P'17
Esther Voynow
Susan and Eric '77 Wald **
Mikel and Karen Waldon P'19
Derek Warden '79 **
Wegmans Warrington
Bruce Frohlich and Rachel Weinstein P'17
Scott and Randi Weintraub P'16
Anne Hunt White '71 ***
Susan Widem
Wild Ginger III
Willis North America **
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz *
Linda Woo
Navarrow '88 and Rita J Wright P'16, '19
Shawn and Eric Wright
Debra and Kenneth Yaros P'19
Guoping Yin and Jiehua Tang P'18
Mary Beth and Nicola Zaniboni P'19
Michael Zarnstorff and Sally Handy-Zarnstorff P'17
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