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2015-2016 Annual Report | Endowment Gifts

Endowed gifts are for those who believe in giving back to benefit future generations. Revenue from Solebury School’s endowment is safeguarded by prudent financial planning which offers financial security and prosperity into perpetuity to support our mission.

This year we were honored to learn that Jenifer MacConnell ’73 (shown in the photo) made provisions for Solebury School to receive an endowed gift to support our Visual Arts program. Jenifer always gravitated toward art, but it was Mariella Sundstrom – a beloved Solebury School art history teacher – who steered her toward it as a career. “Mariella helped Jen define where she wanted to direct her energy, professionally,” her older sister, Jocelyn Durrance, told us. “That was huge for Jen.”

Throughout her adult life, Jenifer maintained many of the deep friendships she made at Solebury School. Jenifer also left behind an exceptionally generous gift to Solebury School. The Jenifer MacConnell ‘73 Memorial Endowed Fund will support the Solebury’s Visual Arts program for years to come.

Below is a list of those who helped to build Solebury's many endowed funds.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Kären and Jay Abbe '59 *****
Brad Acopulos '76
Jennifer and Kai Aguilar P'21
Peter Ammirati '82 **
Daniel Anthonisen '88
Daniel Arnold and Linda Chaille-Arnold P'20
Sarah Dawes Bailin '56 ***
Ed Beemer '74 *
John and Marsha Beidler P'13
Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18
Stephen and Maribeth Bogush
Mary and Scott Bolenbaugh P'09 *
Kevin and BJ Booth P'11
Joyce Bulifant '56 *
Paul Burkander '95
Jennifer K. Burns P'19
Ellie Cheromcka °
Dan Cohen '63 and Patricia Cohen *
Donna Cosgrove and Greg Voynow P'16
Barbara Fordyce and Robert Dahl P'07 '13 *
Mark and Deborah Daughterman P'18
Jeff and Linda Davis P'15
Andrea Devereux P'14
Emily Downs '08
Lauren and Scott Eckstein **
John and Marsha Beidler Family Charitable Fund
Ellen and Randy Faulkner P'06 '11 *
Maralee and Chuck Fitton P'14
Michael and Collette Foley P'15 '16
Jillian Fox '06 °
Kevin Fox and LynneAnne Fox P'17 °
Anna Franzini '08
Tim and Susan Gallen ·
Jermaine Gillard '96
Arthur Glass and Karen Glass P'17
Goodman Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County
Thomas Hedges '08 °
Edwin Hendricks '87 P'11 '11
Anne Hess '67 and Craig Kaplan ***
Wayne Hill
Will Holstrom '10
Ian Holstrom '08 ·
Mark Hornung and Lauren Jones P'18
Tom Hunt '74 *** and Kathrine Motley P'16
Jewish Communal Fund *
Russ and Pat Kulow
Anton and Sally Kuppek P'17 °
Rothman Law Group °
Joanne Levey °
John and Rene Lutz P'18
The Page and Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation *
Douglas McCleery and Renee Richardson P'19 °
Jenifer MacConnell '73 * †
Steven Miano
Everett Morse '38 ***
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08
Kevin Nakashima '73 **
Jerry Nimick '56 ***
Meghan O'Donnell '05
Julia Oppong '11 °
Audi and Michelle Peal P'18
Amy Ramsey-Lefevre '06
Joan Reinthaler '53 ****
Peter Reinthaler '56 ***
The Carnell "Candido" Rivera Family
Amanda and Mike Salerno P'19
Sarah Sargent ·
Schwab Charitable Fund
Carl and Regina Sharpe P'19 °
Eric Shaw '55 *****
Mitchell and Robin Sherman P'17
Sandra and Scott Siegel *
Michael Sienkiewicz '56 ****
Wistar Silver '59 **
Martin Smith *
Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81 ****
Liza Stillhard '96
Jonathan Tetelman '07
Charles and Pamela Thompson P'20 °
Olga Vannucci P'17 °
Holmdel Vet Clinic °
Greg Voynow and Donna Cosgrove P'16 ·
Matt Wahrhaftig '89
Susan and Eric '77 Wald **
Mikel and Karen Waldon P'19 °
Wells Fargo *
Susan Widem °
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz
Russell Witte '07
Michael Zarnstorff and Sally Handy-Zarnstorff P'17