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2015-2016 Annual Report | Gifts in Honor or Memory

A tribute gift is a unique and powerful way to honor a special person in your life. You are not only paying tribute, you are also ensuring that the Solebury community will continue to thrive. These gifts are extraordinary because they help to link us in a distinct and personal way.

Below is a list of those who made a gift to honor or in memory of someone special.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Gifts in Honor of
Thomas Angle and Marissa Dematto P'15In honor of Matt Angle ‘15

John and Marsha Beidler

In honor of Chris Langhart

Charles and Shelley Berger P'16

In honor of Justin Berger '16

Sarah Bonneau P'16

In honor of Ariel Bonneau '16

Adam and Piper Burrows P'16

In honor of Emma Black '16

Ricky and Donna Braff

In honor of Carly Braff ‘12

Mildred Brucker

In honor of Donna Brucker ‘75

Fred Cohen

In honor of Dan Cohen '63

Rachael Cook '95

In honor of Elliot Cook

Jillian Fox '06

In honor of Charles Cameron

Brad and Karen Golden

In honor of Jessica Golden

Margaret Hayden '63

In honor of Joan Reinthaler '63

Will Holstrom '10

In honor of Steve Benoit

Ian Holstrom '08

In honor of Steve Benoit

Tom Hunt '74 *** and Kathrine Motley P'16

In honor of Leah Hunt '16

Robert and Loreta Kass

In honor of Diane Dauer

Anastasia Lewis-Miller

In honor of Carlos Lewis-Miller '16

Carolyn Livingston '55

In honor of Renee Rosengarten Hurewitz '55

Harry Mauchet and Deborah Raven

In honor of Weston Komar '15

John and Kelly Madey

In honor of JR Madey '16

Heinrich Markhoff and Ana Markhoff-Montuori P'16

In honor of Ana (Victoria) Markhoff '16

Mark and Julie McLaughlin

In honor of Trevor McLaughlin '16

Adam and Terri Miller

In honor of Kyle Miller '16

Winter Miller '91

In honor of Carol Hey P'03

Rob Mullin '08

In honor of Stephen Sheriff ‘08

Pete Randazzo

In honor of Learning Skills

Gene Reiss '72

In memory of my father

Marilyn and Skip Rosskam

In honor of Jules Rosskam ‘97

John Sadwith '68

In honor of Polly ‘54 and David Leshan '54

Ralph and Marion Semeraro

In honor of Michael Glass '17

Scott and Beverly Shymon P'16

In honor of Emma Shymon '16

Ben Simon P'77 and Helen Peemoeller

In honor of Rachel Simon '77

Alex and Terry Skovronek

In honor of Adeline Skovronek '16

Wallace Taylor '42

To support the Arts

Thomas Unger

In honor of Tom and Jane Unger

Greg Voynow and Donna Cosgrove P'16

In honor of Kate Voynow '16

Guoping Yin and Jiehua Tang P'18

In honor of Eric Yin ‘18

Zhi Wang and Hongyan Zhang

In honor of Wenrui (Rae) Wang '16

Hannah Fung-Wiener

In support of faculty

Scott and Randi Weintraub P'16

In honor of Ashley Weintraub '16

Sue and Jon Wiedorn

In honor of Bryn Wiedorn '13

Gifts in Memory of

Madge Bennett

In memory of Barbara Montagu Johnstone '55

Eric Berkowsky '95

In memory of Mark Dashevsky ‘94

Letitia Coburn '72

In memory of Elaine "Scottie" Banks

Thomas Duboski

In memory of Josh Lomas '16

Nancy and David Ennis

In memory of Mike Mullen

Kristy Thomas P'91

In memory of Thomas Haasis

Nathaniel Hansen '87

In memory of Alix '51 and Chris Hansen

David Hickson

In memory of Phoebe Chorley

Peter Hoyt '49

In memory of Stephen and Stanis Hoyt

Rickie and Barry Korn P'02

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Fletman

Anthony McKay '65

In memory of “Doc” Washburn

Sarah McPhee '78

In memory of Mariella Sundstrom

Britta Milks

In memory of Charles Gale and Josh Lomas

Anthony Porter

In memory of William Porter

Charles Reibel '74

In memory of Laird Drevers ‘74

Gene Reiss '72

To help support scholarships and in memory of my father

Diana Roberts '72

In memory of Phoebe Chorley

Ann Rovere '61

In memory of Richard H. Rovere

Robin Scolnick

In memory of Sidney Cohen

Johanna Hood H'42

In memory of Dr. Blanche Norton

Milo Sini '85

In memory of Mike Mullen

Robert Stein '87

In memory of Betty Tjossem

Robert Stockton '58, CPO, USN (ret.)

In memory of the McCooks

Wallace Taylor '42

In memory of Robert Wallace Shaw

Norm Tjossem

In memory of Betty Tjossem

Andy Todd '63

In memory of Joseph Wentling ‘63

Jessica Waddington '00

In memory of Kate Goodman ‘99

Susan and Eric Wald '77

In memory of Thelma Laporta

Peter Whelan '47

In memory of Charles Lawson

Susan Widem

In memory of Selma Waxman Widem H'47

Virginia Wilson '72

In memory of Sheila King