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2015-2016 Annual Report | In-Kind Gifts

This year, we were thrilled to receive many wonderful and useful in-kind gifts for the Solebury community, such as a treasure trove of 85 poetry books for our library from Sam Miller '70 and a beautiful Kimball Viennese Grand Piano, gifted to us by Alice Deanin P'10. In this picture, one can imagine the sweet dulcet tones of this beautiful instrument.

Talk about enriching the Solebury experience!


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Alice Deanin P'10
Sam Miller '70
Jeffrey Vespa '88
Karen and James Lewis P'11
Phyllis Arnold P'12 '14