2016-2017 Annual Report | Capital Gifts

Solebury School is proud of its tradition of maintaining a clear vision of the past while embracing the constant ebb and flow of change in the world around us, and this is evident throughout our campus. The blend of historic and new buildings along with artwork and interior design reflects our dedication to bridging between the past and the present.

Capital funds are raised to support the acquisition, construction, or renovation of our buildings. Although Solebury was not in a formal capital campaign during this fiscal year, there were a number of special projects around campus that reflected our vision.

The Crib, a central social hub on campus, was gifted with new furniture to complete its modern transformation. There were some enhancements to the boys locker room and the creation of an individualized changing space for all genders, made possible with the generous and thoughtful support of an alumni parent. There was also a wonderful gift made in support of making improvements to our baseball fields.

Below are others who generously contributed to capital projects around campus.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Andrea Devereux P'14
Michael and Collette Foley P'15 '16

Bill and Sonya Sappington P'15
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz *