2016-2017 Annual Report | Gifts in Honor or Memory

Many of our most dedicated Solebury supporters spent their lifetimes learning, exploring and expanding their own worlds, and inspiring others to follow the road less traveled.

Family and friends can honor or memorialize the legacy of a beloved family member or friend through tribute gifts. This is a very meaningful way to acknowledge the impact Solebury School had on the life of a loved one.

Whether honoring a significant event such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, birth of a child, tribute gifts mark new and positive paths for future members of the Solebury community.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


In Honor of Robert Eichem
Daniel Dupont °

In Honor of Erika Fairchild & Kirby Fredendall
Kate Voynow '16

In Honor of Maria Manna
Kami Simpson '77

In Honor of Steve Buteux
Haley Huxley '16

In Honor of George Mellor and in support of the arts
Barbara Banning Schoen '67 ***

In Honor of The Pesachowitz Family
Al Pesachowitz '63

In Honor of Bill Berkeley '49
Margaret Hayden '63

In Honor of J. Ben Kish '14
Diane and David Kish

In Honor of Peter Ammirati, Renee LaPorte, Tom Wilschutz
Anders Simpson-Wolf '09

In Honor of Brad Rosman '85
Pamela and Lawrence Rosman

In Honor of Rebekah Horowitz '99
Claudia and Harvey Horowitz *

In Honor of Alexander Rice '08
Carlotta and Christopher Rice P'08

In Honor of Jules Rosskam '97
Marilyn and Skip Rosskam P'97 **

In Honor of Stephen Sheriff '08 and in support of faculty
Rob Mullin '08

In Honor of Dell Sherk & Jack Sapoch '14
Kimberly Kyte Kimberly Kyte

In Honor of Carly Braff '12
Ricky Braff and Donna Levinston Braff P'12

In Honor of Matthew Angle '15
The Angle Family

In Honor of Tom Wilschutz and Jon Freer
Berwick Family

In Honor of Iano Sereno ‘68
John Sadwith '68 ***

In Honor of Donna Brucker '75
Mildred Brucker P'75 ***

In Honor of Jonathan Downs '71 P'03 '08 '09
Toll Brothers

In Honor of Katie Lynch '05
Meghan O'Donnell '05

In Honor of Brad Rosman '85
Pamela and Lawrence Rosman P'85 *

In Honor of Bryn '13
Sue and Jon Wiedorn P'13

In Honor of Max '17
Bruce Frohlich and Rachel Weinstein P'17

In Honor of Jerry Clark
James Hands °

In Honor of Ashley '14 and Lia '17
Dr. John D’Alessandro P'14 '17

In Honor of Emma Ballentyne '08
John Ballentyne and Dianne Brumble P'08

In Honor of Joshua '17
Jerry Poole and Cheri Poole P'17

In Honor of Thomas '17

In Honor of Adam '17 and Eliza '17
Walter Mlodzinski and Christine Connelly P'17

In Honor of Connor '17
Aimee Ott P'17

In Honor of George '17
Olga Vannucci P'17

In Honor of Michael '17
Arthur and Karen Glass P'17

In Honor of Savion '17
James Simon and Nicole Dickens-Simon P'17

In Honor of Rebecca '17
Louis Pearlman and Ellen Weinstock P'17 °

In Honor of Val '17
Anton and Sally Kuppek P'17

In Honor of Evelyn Morrow Shepard
Peggy Shepard

In Honor of Elana '05, David '07 and Rachel '10
Jill (Tafoya) Steelman P'05 P'07 P10

In Honor of Mei-lin '17
Victor Sloan and Sandra Gong P'17

In Honor of Shaozhe '17
Dongkai Hu and Jingming Zhang P'17 °


In Memory of Sheila King
Jenny Wilson '72

In Memory of Laird Drecers '74
Charles Reibel '74

In Memory of Mariella Sundstrom
Sarah McPhee '78 **

In Memory of Betty B. Tjossem
Norm Tjossem **

In Memory of Arthur Washburn & Charles Lawson
Peter Whelan '47 **

In Memory of Frank Ammirati
John James '62 **

In Memory of David Komar
Weston Komar '15

In Memory of Thomas Haasis
Kathleen Haasis ** P'91

In Memory of Dr. Blanche Norton
Alice Phelps Bates H'47 **

In Memory of Judy Morganstern Licht '57
Pat Getz-Preziosi '57

In Memory of Don and Helen McCook
Bob Stockton '58

In Memory of Suzanne Meads
Ibby Meads '70 ***

In Memory of Pete Rushton '68
Robert Buck **

In Memory of Edgar Fisher '38
Everett Morse '38 ***

In Memory of Stephen and Stanis Hoyt
Peter L. Hoyt '49 ****

In Memory of Don McCook
Monica McGoldrick '60 ***
Peter Funk, Jr. '62 ***

In Memory of Betty B. Tjossem
Cyndee Wilson Sindelar '89

In Memory of Marcia Toland '65
Carolyn Coburn-Allen '68 **

In Memory of Caren Franzini
Russell Witte

In Memory of Thelma Laporta
Eric Wald **

In Memory of Selma Waxman Widem '47
Noëlle Kennedy Masukawa H'49 *****

In Memory of Jack Newkirk
Michael Sienkiewicz '56 ****

In Memory of Kate Goodman '99
Jessica Waddington

In Memory of Herbert Boyd
Diana Thiele Lippincott *

In Memory of Thelma Laporta and Frank Ammirati
Eric Wald **

In Memory of Jane Unger
Thomas Unger **

In Memory of Michael Mullen
Bonnie Bishop **

In Memory of Mike Mullen
Betsy and A. Bruce Bergquist ***

In memory of Charles Gale and Josh Lomas
Britta Milks and Jason Petrarca