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2017-18 Annual Report | Gifts in Honor or Memory

Many of our most dedicated Solebury supporters spent their lifetimes learning, exploring and expanding their own worlds, and inspiring others to follow the road less traveled.

Family and friends can honor or memorialize the legacy of a beloved family member or friend through tribute gifts. This is a very meaningful way to acknowledge the impact Solebury School had on the life of a loved one.

Whether honoring a significant event such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, birth of a child, tribute gifts mark new and positive paths for future members of the Solebury community.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


In Honor of Barbara Montagu Johnstone '55 †
Anonymous •

In Honor of Alex Mott ‘18
The Motts P'15 '18 •

In Honor of Andrei Benoliel '18
Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18

In Honor of Barrett Daly '18
Barrett Bond and Dena Fair Daly P'18 °

In Honor of Ben Weinberg '18
Elizabeth Weinberg P'18

In Honor of Bill Berkeley '49
Margaret Hayden '63

In Honor of Brad Rosman 
Pamela and Lawrence Rosman P'85 *

In Honor of Bruce Bergquist 
Tom Hunt '74 *** and Kathrine Motley P'16

In Honor of Clarence P. Scoboria Jr. and Gloria Scoboria
David Scoboria '68* *

In Honor of Cole Schwartz ‘18
Kenneth and Kymberly Schwartz P'18

In Honor of Elke Krieger ‘18
Michael Kreiger and Gail Johnson P'18

In Honor of Emma
John Ballentyne and Dianne Brumble P'08 *

In Honor of Gianluca Sturla '21
Luciano Sturla and Sandra Nazzaro-Sturla P'20

In Honor of Hans Huang '18
Weixiong Huang and Chaojun Lu

In Honor of Jackson Becker '18
Rachel Sterns '82 and Brent Becker P'18

In Honor of Jacob Gleason '18
Robert and Rachel Eichem P'18 *

In Honor of Jake Epstein '18
Scott and Sandy Epstein P'18 °

In Honor of Jason Burns '19
David Kaplan GP'19 †

In Honor of Jason Burns '19
Linda and Stuart Silver °

In Honor of John Sadwith '68
Chris Scherer '68 •

In Honor of Jongwook Jeon '17
Moon Kee Jeon and Youn Jung Kim P'17 °

In Honor of Josh Zolkewitz '18
Michael Zolkewitz and Michelle Kramer P'18 •

In Honor of Keelin DeGeorge '18
James and Erin DeGeorge P'18

In Honor of Lorenz Markhoff '18
Anonymous •

In Honor of Marcus Simpkins '18
Derek Simpkins and Pam Simpkins P'18

In Honor of Mariella Sundstrom
Sarah McPhee '78 **

In Honor of Maya Simpkins '18
Derek Simpkins and Pam Simpkins P'18

In Honor of Mei Peng '18
Paul Rizzo and Marcia Durgin P'18 •

In Honor of Olivia Heffernan '18
J. Heffernan and Alison Mitch P'18

In Honor of Ruthanne Porter
Anthony Porter *

In Honor of Scott Eckstein P'22
Jason Vestal '98

In Honor of the class of 1968
Guy Lewis '68 •

In Honor of Victor Yu '18
Jun Yu and Ming E Fan °

In Honor of Vinh Dao '18
Hanh Dao and Buoi Bui P'18 °


In Memory of Arthur "Doc” Washburn and Charles Lawson
Peter Whelan '47***

In Memory of Charles Gale and Josh Lomas
Britta Milks and Jason Petrarca*

In Memory of Charlie Cameron
Betsy and Michael Daniels*

In Memory of Doc Washburn
Margo Harder Lawless '64**

In Memory of Elaine Carucci GP '19 †
David Kaplan GP'19 †

In Memory of George Kennedy and Felipe Sanfuentes
Noëlle Kennedy Masukawa H'49 *****

In Memory of Jacob Propsner
Weston Komar '15

In Memory of Marcia Toland '65
Carolyn Coburn-Allen '68 **

In Memory of Maureen Ammirati
The Berwick Family *

In Memory of Peter Rushton '57
Robert Buck **

In Memory of Philip Guthrie
Walter Reade Foundation, Inc. **

In Memory of Richard Levifin
Inn Rovere '61**

In Memory of Stephen & Stanis Hoyt
Peter L. Hoyt '49 ****

In Memory of Suzanne Long and Callie Angell
Sonia Baku '65 ***

In Memory of Suzanne Meads '70
Ibby Meads '70 ***

In Memory of Sydney Cohen, grandfather of Sean Scolnick '99
Robin Scolnick **

In Memory of Aaron Bishop and Eunice Gitlow Bishop
Jeff Bishop '67 ***