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2017-18 Annual Report | Auction Gifts

On a warm, pre-summer night straight out of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby, 175 dapperly dressed ladies and gentleman of our Solebury community enjoyed an evening of fabulous food, cocktails, and entertainment, all orchestrated to support our school.

Creating a successful gala event is a delicate but disciplined dance. This year it was led by our Parent Relations and Event Manager, Jessica Harms along with auction chair Karen Waldon P’19. Together with their dedicated team of parent volunteers and the Home and School Association’s Auction Committee, their hard work paid off through wonderful silent and live auction items donated by many generous individuals and companies from as far away as Maine! Our very own and very talented students contributed to the success of the evening as well. Erik Daughterman ’18 and Lakumi Dias ’18 were perfect hosts, greeting guests at the start of the event and assisting with the much-anticipated, highly successful live auction. Solebury’s Elite Ensemble of pianists Anna Schmidt ’20 and Kevin Zhou ’20, and cellist Owen Graham ’20 provided beautiful music as the backdrop to the event’s reception held in an open air reception space with panoramic views of the Delaware River.

The gala was, as always, a roaring success with nearly $100,000 raised, including a very generous, additional match by the Haley Foundation for our Special Appeal for a new lighting system for the Barn Theater.

Peter Martino, Solebury’s Theater Tech Director, quickly got to work applying the funds raised to installing the new, state-of-the-art, energy efficient lighting system used by college and professional theaters, just in time for the start of the StarCatchers Summer Theater and Theater Tech Camps.

All of the students involved in our theater program classes agree the new lighting system is easy to learn and use. The new system has also created immediate, noticeable improvements to their hands-on learning experiences. Chanler Sharpe '18, who plans to major in stage management in college, said, “It’s easier and safer to use than our old system. It is fun to learn and is a definite upgrade, helping us to push our shows to the next level.”

Jason Burns ‘18, sees lighting design in his college future and shared, “We move through scenes a lot faster allowing for more rehearsal time.” He added, “Now we can have a major pre-show dance party!” (There are pre-performance rituals held sacred by the show casts, one being a dance party to shake off pre-show nerves.) Tyler Scotti ‘21 was happy to offer, “We are now able to be much more focused on the lighting design aspect of the shows.” With the older system, a large percentage of student time was spent manually changing lights and gels.

These students agree that having learned the older method of lighting illuminates just how appreciative they are of this new, impressive system.

“Our current students, students for years to come, and I offer our sincere thanks to all of our donors — especially the Haley Foundation. This technology takes our program to such and incredible level of professionalism.” —Theater Tech Director Peter Martino


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
+ for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Anonymous (3)
Alan Taran and Gina Eagle P'19 °
Amanda and Mike Salerno P'19 '22
Amanda Mundy °
Andrea Devereux P'14 •
Andrew Braun and Laurie Braun P'20 °
Andy Parsons and Melanie Staff-Parsons P'19
Angelo Coclanis and Maria Gil-Gonzalez
Anita and David Zaketa P'20
Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81 ****
Archer & Buchanan Architecture °
Audi and Michelle Peal P'18
Barbara Winter and John Petito P '96 '03 **
Bassetts Ice Cream °
Betsy Bidelman Meredith '54 P'81 *****
Bill and Sonya Sappington P'15 •
Bill Christy and Steve Buteux
Bonnie Pariser P'20 and Warren Cooper °
Bountiful Gardens LLC
Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve
Brad and Stacy Cole P'20 °
Brad and Tricia King
Brian Pearson
Brunello Cucinelli
Caitlin Miller '18
Camp North Star Maine
Cariann Nelson •
Carl and Regina Sharpe P'19
Chamilia, a Swarovski Company
Charles and Pamela Thompson P'20 '22
Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center
Colleen and Mark Schlegel P'20
Cosimo and Magda DePinto P'21 °
Daniel C. Arnold and Linda Chaille-Arnold P'20
Dan O'Neill, III '98
David and Barbara Picard P'21 °
David and Cathy Potter P'19 °
David and Jennifer Glazer P'22
David and Kathy Slomin P'19 °
David Kaplan GP'19 †
David Scoboria '68 *
David Wysocky and Dina Given P'23 °
Debby Qu'19
Dena Fair & Barrett Daly P'18
Derek Warden '79 **
Diana Michaels Designers of Fine Jewelry
Dick Walsh '52 ****
Doug Claybourne
Douglas McCleery and Renee Richardson P'19
Edward and Elba Deck P'15
Edwin Beemer '74 *
Eileen McDonnell P'23 °
Elizabeth Brewster P'18 '22
Elizabeth Tallett and James Wavle P'11 *
Ellen and Randy Faulkner P'06 '11 *
Empire Food Marketing °
Encompass Wealth & Legacy Planning Inc. °
Eric '77 and Susan Wald **
First National Bank & Trust Co. of Newtown **
Folk City Roasters
Franc Environmental Inc. °
Garner Bros. Heating & Air Conditioning •
Gary and Shara Hofing P'20
Giant of New Britain
Goodman Family Fund of The Community Foundation of Collier County •
Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller •
Harvey Ziff and Julie Ziff P'18
Havana Restaurant
Helene Cross GP'21 °
HG Wood Fired Pizza and Family Restaurant
Hopewell Theater
Hugh Mangum and Laura Malone P'20
Jake Epstein '18 °
James '64 and Sharon Wolman P'17 **
James and Elizabeth Helmstetter • •
James Lewis '11
James McBride P'10 '12 '20
James Talerico Jr and Shawn McCormack P'19 °
Jean Tappan Shaw '53 ****
Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18
Jeff Honig '77 ***
Jeffrey Honig '77
Jennifer K. Burns P'19 •
Jerry Nimick '56 ***
Jim & Erin DeGeorge P'18
Jim and Jennifer Becker
Joan & Stephen Mutascio P'08
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08* *
Joan Reinthaler '53 ****
John and Catherine Kerrigan P'17 '18 •
John and Justine Leguizamo P'19
John and Rene Lutz P'18
John Petito P'96 '03
Johnathon Proctor and Patricia Warner-Proctor P'19
Jonathan and Andrea O'Brian P'17 '19 '21
Joseph Finkle & Son, Inc. * *
Joshua Perlsweig '03 and Natalie Hamill *
Kamran Ozair and Saba Siddiqui P'20 °
Karen and James Lewis P'11 *
Kären and Jay '59 Abbe *****
Karla's Restaurant
Kenneth Coleman Piano Tuning °
Kenny Gilbert '68 **
Kevin and BJ Booth P'11 *
Kevin Nakashima '73 **
Klinger Excavation °
Kramer Portraits
LaHoda Chiropractic & Rehab Center
Lambertville Station
Lars and Leila Crooks P'22 of Tuckamony Farm
Laura and Caitlin DeCerchio °
Laura DeCerchio
Leslie and Brunda Dias P'18
Linda and Stuart Silver °
Lone Eagle Brewing
Longwood Gardens
Los Catrines
Luciano Sturla and Sandra Nazzaro-Sturla P'20
M. Lars and Leila Crooks P'22 °
Marcia Durgin P'19 of Crossroads Bake Shop
Margaret Hall Dunn '62 *** ***
Mark and Deborah Daughterman P'18
Mark Hornung and Lauren Jones P'18
Mark Schmukler and Kaitlin Doyle P'21
Marsha Brown Restaurant
Martin and Carolyn Dorph P'15 •
Mary and Scott Bolenbaugh P'09 *
McCaffrey's Markets & Simply Fresh
Meredith Schramm-Strosser '03 °
Merrick and Meredith Borine P'21
MetroKids Magazine
Michael and Holly Fay P'18 '19 '23 °
Michael and Lori Lipsky P'21 °
Michael Vander Zwan P'19
Michael Zolkewitz and Michelle Kramer P'18 •
Mikel and Karen Waldon P'19
Mira Nakashima '59 and Kevin Nakashima '73 of George Nakashima Woodworkers
Mitchell Kramer '87
Morgan and Nicole Cowperthwaite P'20 '22
Douglas Claybourne °
Sandra Blackwell
Nancy Vander Zwan P'19
New Hope Star Diner
Nikki Kashub '04
Nomad Pizza - Hopewell, NJ
Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. *
Pat Warner-Proctor & John Proctor P'19
Patricia and Timothy Law P'20 °
Paul Rizzo and Marcia Durgin P'18 •
Perennial Collective
Peter Martino and Dave Dimarchi °
PH Tool, LLC °
Philip and Dian Herman P'18
Pierre's Chocolates
Proxus Professional Payroll Solutions
Quanhong Zhou and Weihong Zhao P'20 °
Regina and Carl Sharpe P'19
Renee Richardson & Douglas McCleery P'19
Rick and Jennifer Tony
Robert and Margo Orlando P'20
Robert and Sally Huxley P'15
Robert and Cassandra Hallberg P'20
Robert and Margaret Orlando P'20
Robert and Tia Cavallaro P'21
Robert Stockton '58, CPO, USN (ret.) *
Rosade Bonsai Studio
Saba Siddiqui and Kamran Ozair P'20
Sarah and Christopher May P'19 •
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP
Savour Gourmet Provisions
Scott and Mary Bolenbaugh P'09
Scott and Sandy Epstein P'18°
Seeds To Sew International
Shawn Wright •
Shepard and Grace Morgan P'21°
Shubin Xu and Yuefang Chen P'21°
Sindee Doogah P'20
Solebury School
Stephen Barth Photography
Somerset Patriots
Square One Pub
Staci and Jonathan Freer *
Stephen and Maribeth Bogush
Steve and Sarah Kelleher P'23
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19 •
Steven and Kathy Rosenbaum P'20 °
Steven Miano
Stout's Transportation
Studio* 609 Originals/F.A. Schadler Artist/Crafts
Susan Sygenda and John Benson P'17
Tao Qu and Teresa Zhang P'19
Taryn Laughlin Coaching LLC
Tetra Tech, Inc •
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Dubliner
The Haley Foundation
The Living Earth New Hope
The Logan Inn
The Peasant Grill
The Rose Group
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz *
Tiffany Taylor '03 °
Tom Adams Windows and Carpets °
Tom Hunt '74 *** and Kathrine Motley P'16
Tom Stevenson, Jr. '65 ***
Toni Peters '62
Triumph Brewing
Unbound Synergy Fitness Coaching
Victor Bozzo and Dianna Bozzo P'20
Victor Sloan and Sandra Gong P'17
Wayne Hill •
Whitney Parker-Klimpel and Kenneth Klimpel P '06 '09 '14 *
William Eastburn and Charlotte Dunham P'22
Willis Towers Watson °
Zanya Spa Salon