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2018-19 Annual Report | Board of Trustees

The women and men listed on this page are not merely individuals serving on a board. 

They are soundly invested in Solebury—its past, present, and future. They are the gatekeepers of the sustainability of our community, who fully understand respecting the past, recognizing the present, and reaching towards the future are all equally vital in maintaining the mission of Solebury. 

We honor their generosity of time and commitment, and are grateful they lead us with vitality, enthusiasm, wisdom, and grace into the next phases of the Solebury success story.

"At its very core, Solebury is a GIVING COMMUNITY that is profoundly committed to the education of young women and men. Each and every member of the faculty/staff of the school give of their time, their talent, their experience, and their knowledge. Most important, they give from their heart to ensure that the mission of the school is fulfilled." - Scott Bolenbaugh P'09

Board of Trustees

Scott Bolenbaugh P'09* Chairman
Dan Cohen '63 Vice Chairman
Liz Wavle P'11 Treasurer
Joan Reinthaler '53 Secretary 

Jay Abbe '59
Bette Jane (BJ) Booth P'11*
Andrea Devereux P'14
Jonathan C. Downs '71 P'03 '08 '09
Andrée Newsome Falco '63*
Dr. Ellen Faulkner P '06 '11*
Jeremy Fergusson '63
Andrew Gespass '73
Mandy Mundy
Whitney Parker-Klimpel P'06 '09 '14*
William Penney '67 P'06
Josh Perlsweig '03
John H. Petito P'96 '03
Sonya Sappington P'15
Derek Warden '79
Brett Webber '85 P'20
Ellen Westheimer '63
Navarrow Wright '88 P'16

Honorary Trustees

Chris Chandor '60 P'86
Alan Donley '55
Besty Bidelman Meredith '54 P '81
Richard Moss '48
Eric Shaw '55
Jean Tappan Shaw '53