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2018-19 Annual Report | Capital Gifts

Capital funds can be seen as the support beams of our fundraising efforts. They provide the larger funding structure to support the acquisition, construction, or renovation of our campus and its physical plant. This year, one of our largest capital projects was a brand new space that was created on our campus: The IDEA Lab. Invention, Design, Engineering, and Art all have a home together, in a flexible, collaborative space designed for student projects.  

The Lab serves as a permanent home for Solebury’s engineering and robotics team, the Spartanbuilders and is available to all teachers and students who are looking for a hands-on learning experience. Classes in Engineering, Digital Design, Computer Science, CAD, VR, and Robotics are offered and give our students the opportunity to code, create 3D printer and laser cut projects, and design video games. The goal of the IDEA Lab is to keep our students active in creating their own designs.

"There are a variety of STEM electives at Solebury School across multiple departments including the Science and Arts departments. Together with the Solebury Science Department's Physics First curriculum, students have the opportunity to apply hands-on learning methods to reinforce basic concepts of the sciences.” - Dan Perez, Science, Engineering and Robotics Teacher

In the past, engineering classes would fabricate student design offsite because we did not have the capacity to bring their designs to life on campus. Solebury’s IDEA Lab can now have the students fully involved in the fabrication process using tools ranging from 3D printers, soldering irons, and Dremel tools, to our new laser cutter and computer-controlled milling machine (CNC). 

The IDEA Lab has also created the space for a new elective class, Virtual Reality, that will fully utilize our new computers and HTC VR systems. Our Spartanbuilders Engineering Club has already gotten to work designing personal projects, signs, and decorations for their new home base.

"When students take classes in the IDEA Lab, they can use those same skills within their other classes. Once you know how to use the VR software you can design a tour of an art museum or a walking tour within a city in France. Students have a lot more options open to them for presentations within their other classes after learning the skills in the IDEA Lab.”     - Cari Nelson, Science Department Head, Science Teacher


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