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2018-19 Annual Report | Summary of Gifts

Solebury School’s commitment to community was clear this year, with tremendous growth throughout all of our fundraising efforts. We showed what happens when we work together towards a common goal: our love of Solebury School. We exceeded our Annual Fund goal by 20%, which supports so many critical functions of everyday life at Solebury. Auction support, including the Special Appeal, also plays a vital role in bolstering day to day operations, beautification, and community building projects on campus. Capital gifts are shaping a new future for our beloved school. Endowment giving—new and existing—ensure that purposeful support from alumni, alumni parents, and dedicated friends continue for future generations of Soleburians.

The 2019 Fiscal Year

All gifts included in these pages were received by Solebury School between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

The figures below only include outright gifts to the school and do not include pledges, gifts-in-kind, gifts-of-service, auction purchases, or alumni events.

If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts to share regarding this Annual Report, please contact Heather Gaghan, Solebury Fund Manager, at


Participation by Constituency  
Alumni 11%
Current Parents 43%
Alumni Parents 18%
Grandparents 27%
Faculty/Staff 80%
Trustees 90%


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