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2019-20 Annual Report | Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor or Memory

Family and friends can honor or memorialize the legacy of a beloved family member or friend through tribute gifts. Whether honoring a significant event such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or birth of a child, tribute gifts are meaningful ways to acknowledge Solebury School’s impact.  

Throughout the year, we receive many gifts in honor of alumni, students, faculty, and staff—past and present. These gifts are special reminders of Solebury’s commitment to creating community and providing a sense of home for our students, their families, our beloved faculty, and dedicated staff while they are here. 

The connections made at Solebury truly last a lifetime, and these tribute gifts are a reminder of the lasting impressions our community makes on all of us who are fortunate enough to be part of it.

This year, the track and field team received new equipment thanks to the thoughtful support of Bradley Stein P’20, who generously donated an in memoriam gift in the name of Cory Stein. 

“Brad Stein's very generous donation has gone toward a complete and beautiful high jump pit, a new cover for our long and triple jump pit, as well as equipment to use for strength training and drills with all of our running programs. These gifts of equipment will help our athletes become stronger, quicker, more agile and confident athletes.  We can't thank Brad enough for his generosity.” —Terri Miller P'16 '18, Track Coach

The Robin Aipel Memorial Grove was created to honor a much-beloved member of our community. Robin Aipel liked to help things grow. She would plant and water, feed and prune so that our trees, flower beds, and the like would thrive. The results of her labor, and truly her legacy, are all over Solebury’s campus and enjoyed every day here. Robin loved Solebury School. She loved the serenity of the campus. She loved the moments she had with the students. She loved doing all she could to help the school be its best. 

Robin was the kind of person who connected those around her. Her kindness and her generosity of spirit were contagious and helped make Solebury a community, rather than simply a school.

Robin Aipel passed away in September 2019, leaving behind a loving family including her beloved Pete, also a former member of Solebury School’s maintenance team. Over the next year, Solebury School will establish the Robin Aipel Memorial Grove in her honor, filled with plants and trees that she would have loved. 

We are so thankful to the donors who supported these unique gifts to our community this year:


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


In honor of Lata and Radha, Madhuri, and
   Anisha Adya '20

Anand Adya and Aparna Deshpande P'20

In honor of Laura and Nick Arnold '20 
Daniel C. Arnold and
   Linda M. Chaille-Arnold, MD P'20•

In honor of Grayson Baker '20 
Christine Baker P'20

In honor of Tom Wilschutz 
Bob and Mary Benjamin P'13*

In honor of Andrei Benoliel '18
Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18•

In honor of Sam Benson '17 
John Benson and Susan Sygenda P'17

In honor of Eden Biskin '13
Bruce Biskin P'13•

In honor of Anne P. Bodle
Wayne Bodle '66 ***

In honor of Jack Borden '20 
Douglas and Christina Borden P'21°

In honor of Shelton Ball and Beckham Borden
Douglas and Christina Borden P'21°

In honor of Eva Creeden '20
Jeff and Allison Borden P'20

In honor of Rebecca Bozzo '20 
Victor Bozzo and Dianna Bozzo P'20

In honor of the House Parents and
   Advisors at Solebury School and
   The Solebury Class of 2020

Andrew Braun and Laurie Braun P'20 '24

In honor of Helen, Zack, and Hanna
Emily Braun '20

In honor of The Solebury Class of 2024
Noah Braun '24°

In honor of Austin Brown '19

In honor of Adrian-Christophe Bullard '20 
Doc Bullard and Brigitte Castonguay P'20

In honor of Ben Bunting '20
Mark and Amy Bunting P'20 '23°

In honor of Jason Burns '19 and the Class of 2019
Jennifer K. Burns P'19•

In honor of Michelle Gavin, Angelo Coclanis, and         Libby Fifer
Shuo Shawn Chen and Ling Huang P'21

In honor of Alfonso Cornel '19
Armando Coronel P'19°

In honor of Morgan Cowperthwaite '20 
Morgan and Nicole Cowperthwaite P'20 '22

In honor of the Class of 2020
Eva Creeden '20

In honor of Suzanne Cunningham '01

In honor of Fletcher Davis '20
Jeff and Linda Davis P'15 '20•
In honor of Michaela Finley '14

Andrea Devereux P'14*

In honor of Logan Doan P'19
William Doan P'19°

In honor of Laura, Emily, Meera, and
   Sebastian Downs

Diane and Jonathan '71 Downs P'03 '08 '09**

In honor of the Class of '02
Rachel '02 and Dale Emde•

In honor of Carly Feld '19, Erika Fairchild, and              Rebecca Wilschutz
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19•

In honor of the Class of 2015
Shannon Foley '15

In honor of Kiara Fox '20 
Kevin Fox and Lynne Fox P'17 '20

In honor of Ben Gabinet '15
Ari Gabinet and Christina Paxson P'15•

In honor of Lathrop House
Tim and Susan Gallen•

In honor of Jaden Garcia '23
Victor Garcia and Yohaida Matos P'23°

In honor of the Class of 1973
Andy '73 and Debbie Gespass***

In honor of Isaiah Ginsburg-Henry '20 
Deborah Ginsburg P'20

In honor of David B. Greene
Frances Greene P'88***

In honor of Jane Gregory '19
John and Colleen Gregory P'19

In honor of Ken Guo '20 
Youquan Guo and Lijun Zhang P'20

In honor of Sasha Guzman '19
Sabrina Hall P'19

In honor of Erik Hallberg '20
Robert and Cassandra Hallberg P'20

In honor of Emily Braun '20 & Brian Wedderburn '20
Jessica Harms and James Arnold

In honor of Jessica Harms
Ken and Dawn Harms

In honor of Eva Skye Creeden '20
Lynne Hewitt GP'20°

In honor of Gabrielle Hofing '20  
Gary and Shara Hofing P'20

In honor of Aidan Holtz '20 
Joshua Holtz and Felicia Holtz P'20

In honor of Margaret Hall Dunn '62 
Nadine Honigberg°

In honor of Leah Hunt '16 
Tom Hunt '74 and Kathrine Motley P'16***

In honor of Sofia Iriarte Alvarez '19
Conrad Iriarte and Merce Alvarez P'19

In honor of Diane Dauer and
Robert Kass and Loreta Matheo Kass P'15•

In honor of Terry Kennedy 
Laurie Kennedy '63**

In honor of Martin Krob '19
Martin Krob and Jana Krobova P'19°

In honor of Carter Li '19
Simon Li P'19°

In honor of Yaxin Linda Lin '18
The Lin Family '18°

In honor of Shizhen Liu '20 
Minghui Liu P'20°

In honor of Carl Chang and
    the Robotic Team of Solebury

Yvonne Liu P'21

In honor of Carolyn Klinger-Kueter '55,
    Keller Fox '55, and Renee Hurewitz '55

Carolyn Holder Livingston '55****
In honor of George Lorteo '20 

G Loreto and Ingrid Periz P'20°

In honor of Isabel Izzy Mania '20 
Susan and Steven Mania P'11 '13 '20•

In honor of Sarah Mannherz '20
Ryan and Michelle Mannherz P'20°

In honor of Thomas Mapes 
Anthony and Julia Mapes P'02**

In honor of Madison Maddie Martin '20 
Jeff and Shannon Martin P'20°

In honor of Betty Blackburn Tjossem
Brandie Maxwell '97°

In honor of Troy McGregor '20 
Locksley and Sandra McGregor P'20°

In honor Leo Mokriski '22
Leonard B Mokriski '22

In honor of Holly Mutascio '08
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08*

In honor of Kristy Raska and Heather Gaghan
Daniel Nachman and Jan Hoffman P'16 '21°

In honor of Avery Orsini '20
Lucinda Orsini and Occhio Orsini P'20°

In honor of Amel Ouji '20 
Chedly Ouji and Shonda Levine-Ouji P'20°

In honor of Marshall Overhiser '19
Ronald and Gretchen Overhiser P'19

In honor of Safwa Ozair '20 
Kamran Ozair and Saba Siddiqui P'20

In honor of Gabe Parsons '19
Andy Parsons and Melanie Staff-Parsons P'19

In honor of Connor Phillips '20 
Paul and Darlene Phillips P'20

In honor of the Class of 2023
Giovanna Raffaelli '88 P'23°

In honor of Luca Naughton '19
Molly Rhodes-Naughton P'19 '21

In honor of Arlene Ricks '20 
Wilyean Ricks P'20

In honor of Kim McFadden 
Ziggy and Michele Rivkin-Fish P'21°

In honor of Dess Chimurenga '19
Professor Dorothy Roberts P'19°

In honor of David Rosenbaum '20
Steven and Kathy Rosenbaum P'20

In honor of Scott Eckstein
Michael Sailor P'22°

In honor of Amelia Sayers '23
Kimberly Sayers P'23°

In honor of Griffin Schenker '20 
Scott and Suzanne Schenker P'20

In honor of Kyle Schlegel '20
Carol Anne Schlegel°

In honor of Kyle Schlegel '20 
Dr. Colleen and Mr. Mark Schlegel P'20

In honor Anna Schmidt '20 
Michael and Amy Schmidt P'20

In honor of Jane Shuster '19
Andrew Shuster and Ellen Eskenazi P'19

In honor of Jenn Burns P '19 and Jason Burns '19
Linda and Stuart Silver
In honor of Mackenzie Borine '21

Dana Spangher GP '21

In honor of Abby Steel '21
Adam and Amy Steel P'21°

In honor of Julianna Tes '20
Chanthy and Jenny Tes P'20 '24
In honor of Matthew Tewell '21

Fred and Shelby Tewell P'21

In honor of Jan Meja-Toro P'23
Arlene Toro P'23°

In honor of Noah Vallow '20 
Erik and Susan Vallow P'20 '23

In honor of Elisabeth Vanderborght '20  
Alan and Valerie Vanderborght P'20°

In honor of Thelma Laporta
Eric '77 and Susan Wald***
In honor of Sarah Waldon '19

Mikel and Karen Waldon P'19•

In honor of Dominique Wander '20 
Andrew Wander P'20°

In honor of Ashley Wang '19
Anliang Wang and Hua Zhou P'19°

In honor of Brian Wedderburn '20 
Vincent and Carol Wedderburn P'20

In honor of Jane Wei '19
Yunwei Wei and Fangbing Li P'19°

In honor of Max Westreich '21
Anthony Westreich°
In honor of Carol Wright '16 

Navarrow Wright Jr°

In honor of the Class of 2016
Carol Wright '16

In honor of Jessy Wu '19
Xiaochun Wu and Zheng Jiang P'19°

In honor of Edward Wu '21 
Zhibin Wu and Zhen Liu P'21

In honor of Christian Yellow Robe Yates '20
Doug Yates and Whitney Yellow Robe Yates P '20
In honor of Jackson Zerrer '20

John Zerrer and
    Cynthia Shoemaker-Zerrer P'17 '20

In honor of Sarah Zhai '19
Sen Zhai and Tao Jing P'19°

In honor of Zixuan Libby Li '20 
Jing Zhang P'20°

In honor of Keying Vicky Zhang '20 
Zhe Zhang and Min Wang P'20°

In honor of Haokai Kevin Zhou '20 
Quanhong Zhou and Weihong Zhao P'20


In memory of Robin Aipel 
Peter Ammirati '82***

In memory of Aaron Bishop and Eunice Gitlow Bishop P'67  
Jeffrey Bishop '67****

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Jennifer K. Burns P'19•

In memory of Robin Aipel
Steve and Alyssa Buteux** 

In memory of Robin Aipel 

Nancy and Dan Cabot**

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Russ Carrick•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Thomas Cifelli '02*

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Carmen DiFoggio

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Diane and Jonathan '71 Downs P'03 '08 '09**

In memory of R. David Ellerson, MD 
Darragh Marshall Miller Ellerson '48•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Bruce and Sally Foulkrod P'95**

In memory of David Quarles
Caroline Gabriel and David Quarles P'92•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Jessica Harms and James Arnold

In memory of Stephen and Stanis Hoyt 
Peter Hoyt '49****

In memory of Steve Ng '68 
Guy Lewis '68•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Annette and Irv Miller**

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08*

In memory of Robin Aipel
Jen and Dan Perez* 

In memory of Robin Aipel 

Anthony Porter*

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Timothy Pure

In memory of Paul Rosenfeld '67
Richard '66 and Betsy Rathe•
In memory of Bartolomio Salerno &
   Margaret Banks GP '19 '22 

Amanda and Mike Salerno P'19 '22•

In memory of Ben Simon 
Rachel Simon '77***

In memory of Cory Stein 
Bradley Stein P'20

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Diane Sugden**

In memory of David Elliot '69 
Charles Tennant '69•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Holly Victor '89 and Chris Stumpo P'23•

In memory of Kate Goodman '99 
Jessica Waddington '00•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Cinnie Wappel**

In memory of Selma Widem '47
Susan Widem•

In memory of Robin Aipel 
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz*