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2020-21 Annual Report | Auction Gifts

On Friday, May 7, the Solebury community came together for the culmination of our 2021 virtual auction, Broadway: On with the Show. Hosted by the Home and School Association, the auction is our school’s major fundraising event and a festive annual celebration. The theme of this year’s auction was inspired by Solebury’s rich history in the performing arts and the perseverance of our community through the challenging events of the past year. 

Despite not being able to gather together in person, our community raised nearly $116,000 to support educational programming, student activities, and more at Solebury School. We are truly grateful to the sponsors, donors to the special appeal, donors of auction items and experiences, and bidders who made this success possible. 

Broadway: On with the Show was a multi-day event, allowing bidders to preview items and bid online over the course of a week. The result was amazing participation from community members from coast to coast. The auction culminated in an online, live-streamed event on Friday, May 7. Participants purchased “Broadway Boxes,” a curated collection of snacks, cocktail mixers, and other items to help enjoy the evening at home. Viewers were then treated to performances by Solebury students and presentations from members of our school community highlighting the purpose of the auction.

The Special Appeal, an important part of every Solebury auction, was once again an amazing success. This annual fundraising appeal highlights a project or initiative that benefits our entire community. The support for this year’s project of making vital improvements to one of Solebury’s most integral and beloved gathering spaces—our Performing Arts Center (the PAC)—was overwhelming and raised over $65,000 toward this effort. 

We are deeply grateful to our auction co-chairs, Mike Lipsky P’21 ’23 and Laura Roche P’23, and the entire auction committee who planned and executed Solebury’s second virtual auction under extraordinary circumstances. Their efforts, along with the support of faculty and staff, and many other members of the Solebury community made the success of Broadway: On with the Show possible. Thank you to the sponsors of Broadway: On with the Show, as well as all who donated goods and service. These important supporters, along with those who participated in the auction, are listed below.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Anonymous (18)
Berj and Suzanne Akian P'22°
Andrew Alpern '56******
Natasha Amarnani P'25°
Angel's Cards and Gifts
Richard and Christine Antoneck P'25°
Daniel C. Arnold and
   Linda M. Chaille-Arnold, MD P'20•
Aro Hill Organic Farm
Artisans Gallery
Artistic Eyewear 
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP°
Marc and Lynn Baranski P'21
Ken and Debbie Baron P'23°
Virginia Hicks Barrett '59****
Bassetts Ice Cream
Bell's Tavern
Bergey's Electric
Geoffrey '63 and Barbara Berresford*****
Billykirk - Chris and Tracy Bray P'25
Cathy Block P'14*
Scott and Mary Bolenbaugh P'09*
Merrick and Meredith Borine P'21•
Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve
BP Insurance Investments°
Gary Brackenridge and Afia Dash P'23
Andrew Braun and Laurie Braun P'20 '24
Elizabeth Brewster P'22
Broadmoor Restaurant
Bucks Digital
Bucks County Running Company
Mark and Amy Bunting P'20 '23
Jennifer K. Burns P'19*
Adam and Piper Burrows P'16•
Steve and Alyssa Buteux
John and Elizabeth Butler P'25°
Bye-Way Gardens
James and Jean Callinan P'24°
Charles and Melissa Calvert P'24°
Linda Carol Arts
Castle & Associates°
Tia and Bob Cavallaro P'21•
Mark and Melissa Cavallone P'22
Charcoal BYOB
Chive Cafe
Bill and Alina Christy
Carolyn Coburn-Allen '68**
Dan '63 and Patricia Cohen**
Kenneth Coleman Piano Tuning
Continental Tavern
Lisa and Mark Cook P'22
Michael Coughlan and Deborah Feiner P'25°
County Theater
Crossing Vineyards + Winery
Crossroads Bakeshop
Paul and Annette Crovo P'21
Timothy and Lisa Daly P'24°
Lazarus Dempsey and
    Aileen Grenon Dempsey P'23 '25
Leslie and Brunda Dias P'18 '23•
Peter and Mindi DiGiovanni P'25°
Sindee Doogah P'20
Diane and Jonathan '71 Downs P'03 '08 '09**
Doylestown Bookshop
Timothy and Jennifer Duggan P'23°
Gib Dunham and Kathryn O'Neal-Dunham P'24°
Mary Durham Butler°
Nora Dzemaili P'22
William Eastburn and Charlotte Dunham P'22•
Scott and Lauren Eckstein P'22 '25**
Rachel '02 and Dale Emde•
Joe Evans and Kim Aldrich P'21
Evolution Candy
Exquisite Earth
Fairview Farm and Flowers
Jason and Noelle Falzon P'24
Gretchen Faras
Ellen and Randy Faulkner P'06 '11**
Michael and Holly Fay P'18 '19 '23
Eric and Karen Feder P'22°
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19•
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund**
Firehouse Cycles
Jeremy and Cynthia Fogel P'24°
Folk City Roasters
Ford 3 Architects LLC°
Fox & Holly - Peddler's Village
Ann Frankel P'24°
Kirby Fredendall P'21
Staci and Jonathan Freer*
Garner Bros. Heating & Air Conditioning•
Gemini Jewelers - Andrew and Marianne Seabert P'22
Andy '73 and Debbie Gespass****
Giant, New Hope
Ralph and Kristen Giordano P'24
David and Jennifer Glazer P'22
Terrance Glover Sr. and Lelenie Glover P'21
Dan and Pam Golden P'22°
Daniel and Heather Goodman P'18 '21•
Goodman Family Fund of
    The Community Foundation of Collier County•
Todd Graham '87*
Jane Bernstein Greenberg '63****
Greene Street Consignment
Dr. Yonatan Fishman and Anna Grossman P'22
Haasis Gluten Free Bakery -
    Kristy Haasis Thomas '91
Robert and Cassandra Hallberg P'20•
Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller•
Jessica Harms and James Arnold•
HG Wood Fired Pizza & Family Restaurant
Highbar Boutique
Wayne Hill•
Kyle and Rose Hochenberger P'21 P'23
Jamie Hollander Gourmet Foods and Catering
Holy Que Smokehouse
Ernest Hood '71***
Andrew Hourigan '66°
House of India
Hanna Howe P'23
Ling Huang P'21
Brian and Carey Hughes P'24°
Tom Hunt '74 and Kathrine Motley P'16***
I.N.O. clay!
J.B. Dawsons
Anita Jensen P'24°
Jersey Mike's Subs - New Hope
Christopher and Laura Jones P'25°
Just Food
Don and Sarah Kaplan••
Sarah and Steve Kelleher P'23
Sandra Kitchen P'24
The Klapper Family '13•
Klingler Excavation - Carl Klingler '74
KO Modern Korean Cuisine
Joseph and Marie Kohles P'23
Mitchell Kramer '87•
La Dolce Vita Da Franco
Lahaska Book Shop
Tony LaSalle, Artist
Jerry and Andrea Latell P'24
Liz Laughlin, Beautycounter Consultant
Shumin and Lisa Li P'21°
Joan Linscott '69*
Michael and Lori Lipsky P'21 '23
Yvonne Liu P'21
Brad Livezey and Moira McClintock P'24°
Longwood Gardens
Lori's Funky Junk Decor
Lovebird Newtown
Makefield Highlands Golf Club
Michael and Jonelle Marchese P'24°
Melissa Marinari P'24
Market Pizza
Marrazzo's Manor Lane Landscaping and Nursery
Peter Martino and Dave DiMarchi•
Andrew Mastin and Diana DuHaime P'24°
McCaffrey's Markets
Wayne and Victoria McDonald P'22
Eileen McDonnell P'23
Kim McFadden
Micki McMillan
Steven and Danielle McQuiston P'24°
Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle
Metrocorp/Philadelphia Magazine°
Diana Michaels Designer of Fine Jewelry
Annette and Irv Miller**
Minus Green
More Than Q
Morris Arboretum
Mandy and Jim Mundy
Music Mountain Theater
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08*
Mira Nakashima '59 of
    George Nakashima Woodworkers
The Narrows Restaurant
Cariann Nelson and Karen Roycroft P'24*
New Hope Pet Center
C A Niece Co, Inc•
Night Bird Vintage Clothing
Nomad Pizza
Nonno's Italian Coffee Parlor
Andrew Nowick and Paul Scoggins P'21
NY Red Bulls Soccer
William and Amy Nyberg P'21 '23
Jonathan and Andrea O'Brian P'17 '19 '21 '24•
Odette's River House
Omiza Modern Asian Cuisine
One Village Coffee
Martin and Trish Onzik P'22
Brian Pearson•
Marcus and Deborah Peckman P'24°
Penn Museum
Penn Taproom
Pet Photos Plus
Philadelphia Pretzel Factory°
Philadelphia Magazine
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Pho Spot
Princeton Consignment
Marcin and Katie Radzicki P'22
Raymer's Candies
Janette Ritter '94*
Kelley Roberts P'22°
Tiffany Robinson and William Wesp P'24
Laura and Pat Roche P'23
Christopher Roche '23
The Rose Group
Roush Yates Engines - Whitney and Doug Yates P'20
The Family of Sarah Russo '24
Russo's Pizza
John Sadwith '68 and Karen Grote
The Salt Cave
Yale and Erin Saltzman P'25°
Munir and Kenya Samad P'23
Sasowsky Earth Science Consultants, Lt
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP•
Savioni Boutique
Kim Sayers P'23
Colleen and Mark Schlegel P'20•
Mark Schmukler and Kaitlin Doyle P'21 '24•
Mindy Schwartz P'21
Andrew and Marianne Seabert P'22
Chelsea Sedlak - Artist
Grace and Alex Seidita P'22
Peter and Cheryl Serdaru  P'11 '13•
Seven Stars LLC°
Shady Brook Farm
Carl and Regina Sharpe P'19•
Sharpe Financial Group
Show Your Logo
Craig and Karen Silberman P'23°
Rev. Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn '81•
Silverman Gallery
Sasha Skulsky
Victor Sloan and Sandra Gong P’17•
Sneddon's Luncheonette
Solebury School
Solebury School Advancement Office 
Solebury School Theater Department
The Solebury Community
Solebury School's 9th Grade Families
Solebury School's 10th Grade Families
Solebury School's 11th Grade Families
Solebury School's 12th Grade Families
Alison Mendez Sommer '98
Soulberry Natural Market
Spartan Performance Academy, a division of 
    Perseverance, Strength and Conditioning
Spatola's Pizza
Artist Timothy Stanford | Perceiving Light
Stark & Stark°
Starr Restaurants
Amy Steel P'21
Stella Valle
Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81****
Tom Stevenson, Jr. '65***
Clark Duff and Laurie Stone P'07 '10 '18 '23
Stoney Lane Organic Farm
Tim Stover°
Strom Brothers Architectural Restoration°
Tacos Cancun
Tetra Tech, Inc•
Shelby and Fred Tewell P'21
Thai Village Restaurant
Christine and Larry Thiel
Charles and Pamela Thompson P'20 '22 '24•
Thompson Detail Center
Top Water Trips
Topeo Gallery
The Total Animal - Lahaska
Tuckamony Farms - Leila and Lars Crooks P'22
Two Ladies Bakery
Union Coffee
Vault Brewery
Holly Victor '89 and Chris Stumpo P'23 '25*
Lesley Victor P'24°
Villagio Cucina
Vince's Pizza
Johnathon Proctor and Patricia Warner-Proctor P'19•
Ariel Warszawski and Tara Dwyer P'24°
John and Gitana Wasserman P'23°
Elizabeth and James Wavle P'11*
Jim and Stacy Wertman°°
William Wesp and Tiffany Robinson P'24°
Anne Hunt White '71****
Steven and Leanne White P'24
Wildflower Farms - The MacQueen Family (Caitlin '24)
Tarchar Wilkins '89 P'13
Dr. Malcolm Wilkinson '70**
Laura and Jody Williams P'24°
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz*
John Petito and Barbara Winter P'96 '03***
David J. Witchell Salon & Spa
Russell Witte '07
The Woolverton Inn
David Wysocky and Dina Given P'23
Yardley Country Club
Zelda Boutique
Zikos Jewelers
Adam Ratner and Julie Zimmerman P'21
Michael Zwiebach and Lisa Motoyama P'23°