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2020-21 Annual Report | Founders Society

“When the Solebury School opened in New Hope, Pennsylvania in the fall of 1925, it was not just another school for several reasons. No wealthy person gave money to found the school; the founders were not concerned with financial profits; nor did they believe that more schools or bigger schools were needed.”—Excerpt from a 1932 article in Progressive Education by Arthur Washburn, Solebury’s first headmaster and one of its four founders.

The Founders Society is built upon the tradition of keeping the original inspiration for Solebury School alive and thriving. The leadership support of the following individuals ensures the continuation of the Founders’ ideals and our school’s pursuit of excellence in education.

The following is our list of our philanthropic leaders whose enduring generosity over the years totals an investment of $100,000 or more.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Anonymous (8)
Kären and Jay '59 Abbe*****
Andrew Alpern '56******
Daniel C. Arnold and
    Linda M. Chaille-Arnold, MD P'20•
Barbara and Mark Blasch P'10•
Scott and Mary Bolenbaugh P'09*
Malcolm W. Callanan†****
Carolyn Cameron GP'07
Christopher Chandor '60 P'86****
Doo Won Choi and Hee Chung Sohn P'08•
John Clark°
Dan '63 and Patricia Cohen**
Margery Collins '63****
Anne and Louis Cyktor, III P'05**
Fern-Ann Davy '66†*
Eugene Dodd '52†•
Donald and Gwen Donley P'53 '55†**
Ray Downs P'68 '71 GP'03 '08 '09†•
Stephen Fine '57†****
Estate of Raymond Fogelson '51†***** 
Michael and Collette Foley P'15 '16•
Ari Gabinet and Christina Paxson P'15•
Alice Goldsmith '61 and John Goldsmith '59†*
Lawrence and Lynda Gross P'07•
Richard and Cynthia Haigh P'67 GP'08****
The Haigh Family P'67 '08**** 
Anne Hess '67 and Craig Kaplan***
Barbara and Bob Hillier**
Mary Beth Kineke and Carleton Holstrom P'08 '10*

Home and School Association****
Carol and John Jamison P'78•
Kittie Jepsen '57†**
Beverley Jones P'67 '73†***
Walter Lamb '34†**** 
Harrie Lewis '35†*****
Danaher Lynch Family Foundation* 
The Page and Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation**
Eileen McDonnell P'23
Isis Melhado P'68 '70***
Dick Moss '48****
William J. and Holly Heath Mullin P'05 '08*
First National Bank & Trust Co. of Newtown**
Jill and Tom Nerney P'09
David and Katharine Newhouse P'02 '06•
Mrs. James MC Newman†***
William Penney '67 P'06***
Joshua Perlsweig '03 and Natalie Hamill*
John Petito and Barbara Winter P'96 '03***
Elizabeth Pitcairn '91**
Hermann Platt '54†****
Caroline Linn Henry Royster H'38*****
Eric '55 and Caroline Shaw*****
Michael† and Marika Sienkiewicz '56****
Ann Spencer Simon '35 †*
Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81****
Tom Stevenson, Jr. '65***
Carol Van Duyne '52†****
Elizabeth and James Wavle P'11*
Barbara Slaner Winslow***