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2020-21 Annual Report | Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor or Memory

Throughout the year, we receive many gifts in honor of alumni, students, faculty, and staff—past and present. These gifts are special reminders of Solebury’s commitment to creating community and providing a sense of home for our students, their families, our beloved faculty, and dedicated staff while they are here. 

The connections made at Solebury truly last a lifetime, and these tribute gifts are a reminder of the lasting impressions our community makes on all of us who are fortunate enough to be part of it.

Guy Lewis Bench

When the news of the passing of a fellow classmate reached John Sadwith ’68, he knew that a special celebration of Guy’s spirit was in order. Guy, John and his wife Karen Grote, and other alumni would reunite at Solebury School Reunion weekends to reminisce, but mostly to laugh. Recently, thanks to Guy’s generous friends, an enduring remembrance of Guy’s time at Solebury was installed on campus. This bench will provide a peaceful respite in the Memorial Garden of the Abbe Science Center’s courtyard. Guy would be more than honored to have you take a seat on his bench.

Thoughtful gifts like this, given in memory of a loved one, are another way of supporting Solebury School and help to create even more meaningful spaces on our beautiful campus.

We are so thankful to the donors who made these unique gifts to our community this year:


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


In honor of Mackenzie Borine '21
Merrick and Meredith Borine P'21• 

In honor of Peter Rushton '68
Robert Buck '68***

In honor of James H. Burns & Ramon G. Zaldivar
Patrick Burns and Doreen Zaldivar-Burns P'23

In honor of Tim Carroll '21
The Carroll Family

In honor of Alex Cavallaro '21 and the Class of 2021
Robert and Tia Cavallaro P'21•

In honor of  Andrew Chen '21
Shuo Shawn Chen and Ling Huang P'21

In honor of Mackenzie Borine '21
Helene Cross GP'21

In honor of Nathaniel Danciger '09
Joseph Danciger P'09*

In honor of Ryan Davis '15 and Fletcher Davis '20
Jeff and Linda Davis P'15 '20•

In honor of Charlotte Davis-Hup '21
Stephanie Davis P'21

In honor of James Vincent DeCerchio
Caitlin '04 and Laura DeCerchio•

In honor of Hannah Dorph '15
Martin and Carolyn Dorph P'15•

In honor of Casey Epstein-Gross '21
Andrew Epstein and Kara Gross P'21

In honor of Eliza Fairchild '13
Erika Fairchild P'13*

In honor of Hudson Marinari-Ferenchak '24
John Ferenchak and Melissa Marinari P'24 '25°

In honor of Max Fogel '21
Jeremy and Cynthia Fogel P'24°

In honor of Charlie Franklin '21
C. Michael Franklin and Gwenn Benson P'21

In honor of Joanna Friedman '93
Edward and Susan Friedman P'93**

In honor of Daria Gabriel '92
Caroline Gabriel P'92•

In honor of Gabrielle Quarles '92
Caroline Gabriel P'92•

In honor of Mackenzie Borine '21
Edward and Barbara Godorov GP'21°

In honor of Jessica Golden '12
Brad and Karen Golden P'12•

In honor of Benjamin Gregory '21
Thomas and Judith Gregory P'17 '21

In honor of the Class of 1971
Brian Gross '71**

In honor of Kiernan Kelleher '23
Karen Hauserman GP'23°

In honor of Meaghan Hewitt '21
William and Claire Hewitt P'21°

In honor of Xiaomeng Sara Hou '21
Xiaohai Hou and Dan Fan P'21°

In honor of Nicholas Lynch '21
Dr. Stacy and Mr. David Hunt P'21°

In honor of the Class of 1955
Renee Hurewitz '55****

In honor of Spartan Builders
Gabriel Kass '15°

In honor of Emily Kneppers '21
Chris and Angela Kneppers P'21

In honor of Skylar Latell
Jerome and Andrea Latell P'24°

In honor of Ellen Mitchell '68
Guy Lewis '68•

In honor of Alexander Li '21
Shumin and Lisa Li P'21°

In honor of Yanji Frank Li '21
Zhaoqi Li and Ying Pan P'21

In honor of Peiyao Liu '21
Wei Liu and Xiaochuan Yu P'21°

In honor of Siyi Carl Chang '21
Yvonne Liu P'21

In honor of Claire McDonell '23
Eileen McDonnell P'23

In honor of Sawyer Mildwurf '21
Bruce and Linda Mildwurf P'21°

In honor of the Class of 2021
Annette and Irv Miller**

In honor of Grace Mitchell-DiMicco '11
Leslie Mitchell & Van Stultz

In honor of Adam '17 and Eliza '17 Mlodzinski
Walter Mlodzinski and Christine Connelly P'17•

In honor Mike Bardi '08
Rob Mullin '08•

In honor of all of the Solebury School staff and faculty      who have worked tirelessly through a pandemic
Mandy and Jim Mundy

In honor of Amalia Nachman '21
Daniel Nachman and Jan Hoffman P'16 '21

In honor of Scott Eckstein
John and JoJo Neumann°

In honor of the Class of 2011
Julia Oppong '11

In honor of Victoria Page '11
Gregory and Susannah Page P'11*

In honor of our students, past and present
Jen and Dan Perez P'25*

In honor of Anthony Porter
Matt Porter°

In honor of Maura “Betsy” Gottlieb
Theresa Quindlen '80*

In honor of the teachers and staff at Solebury School
Adam Ratner and Julie Zimmerman P'21

In honor of Paola Naughton '21
Molly Rhodes-Naughton P'19 '21

In honor of Alexander Rice '08
Christopher and Liza Rice P'08*

In honor of Sophie Rivkin-Fish '21
Ziggy and Michele Rivkin-Fish P'21

In honor of The Coaches
Michael Sailor P'22

In honor of Stacie Anastasio, Britta Milks,
    Sarah Lanzetta P'25, Angelo Coclanis, Jared Levy, 
    Heather Gaghan, Jessica Harms, Julie Laing,

    and Tom Wilschutz
Kyle Schlegel '20

In honor of Jake Schmukler '21
Mark Schmukler and Kaitlin Doyle P'21 '24•

In honor of Jessica Golden '12
Brad and Karen Golden P'12•

In honor of Zelie Chowaiki '21
Mindy Schwartz P'21

In honor of Marcel Sessegolo '21
Italo and Beverly Sessegolo P'19 '21

In honor of Ben Simon P'77
Rachel Simon '77***

In honor of Mackenzie Borine '21
Dana Spangher°

In honor of Hannah, Solebury’s beloved
    cook many years ago

Rosetta Stanford '73

In honor of Abigail Abby Steel '21
Adam and Amy Steel P'21

In honor of Purividh Paul Tavipatana '21
Phakaphong and Sitthinee Tavipatana P'19 P'21

In honor of Alexandra '24 and Allison Tes '24
Chanthy and Jenny Tes P'20 '24

In honor of Kayla Victor '24
Lesley Victor P'24°

In honor of your daughter Samantha Zbik '09
Cynthia Vona and Alan Zbik P'09•

In honor of Annette Miller
Mary Wanberg '01

In honor of the Class of 1985
Brett Webber, AIA, LEED AP BD+C '85 P'20**

In honor of the Faculty & Staff of Solebury School
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz*

In honor of Shuang Edward Wu '21
Zhibin Wu and Zhen Liu P'21

In honor of Shaofeng Neptune Xu '21
Shubin Xu and Yuefang Chen P'21

In honor of Zhuoyang Sonny Yao '21
Dongsheng Yao and Yutong Zhuo P'21°

In honor of Josh Zolkewitz '18
Michael Zolkewitz and Michelle Kramer P'18


In memory of David E Kaplan G'19†

In memory of John McCook '62 P'74 '75†

In memory of Deborah Westcott†
Virginia Hicks Barrett '59****

In memory of Kevin Nakashima '73† and Kevin Clark†
Edwin Beemer '74**

In memory or Susan Sygenda P'17
John Benson P'17

In memory of Mark Dashevsky '94†
Eric Berkowsky '95*

In memory of Aaron Bishop P'67† and
    Eunice Gitlow Bishop P'67†

Jeffrey Bishop '67****

In memory of Craig D. Chandor '66 P'04†
Christopher Chandor '60 P'86****

In memory of John McCook P'74†
Sandra Dickson Coggeshall '61****

In memory of Alan Donley '55†
Carol and Alan '55 Donley***

In memory of Rosemarie Glaser†
Estate of Rosemarie Glaser°

In memory of Dr. Norton†
Del Rene Goldsmith '50•

In memory of Rosemarie Glaser†
Paul and Julie Graver°

In memory of Mike Sienkiewicz '56†
Tom Hunt '74 and Kathrine Motley P'16***

In memory of Kevin Nakashima '73†
Dr. Lisa Aldin Landley '71*

In memory of Ellen Mitchell '68†
Guy Lewis '68•

In memory of C. Keller Fox, Jr. '55†
Carolyn Holder Livingston '55****

In memory of Rob Eichem P'18 '24†
Robert McLaren°

In memory of Mariella Sundstrom†
Sarah McPhee '78**

In memory of Suzanne Meads '70†
Elizabeth Ibby Meads '70***

In memory of your brother Kevin Nakashima '73†
Mira Nakashima '59*

In memory of William Orrick P'56 '63†
Penny Orrick, Jr. '56**

In memory of Michael Casey†
Pigeon Orrick '63•

In memory of Olive Randi Osborn '50†
Stephen Osborn*

In memory of Rev. Madeline "Lyn" Oglesby†
Marcus and Deborah Peckman P'24°

In memory of Guy Lewis '68†
Anonymous, Genii Crawford Cockshutt '68**,
    Ken Gilbert '68 **, John Sadwith '68*****, 
    Christopher Scherer '68*, and Iano Sereno '68****

In memory of Owen Schabio '17†
William Schabio and Eliza Rapaport P'17

In memory of George Mellor†
Barbara Banning Schoen '67***

In memory of Don and
    Helen McCook P'60 '62 '64 '65†

Robert Stockton '58, CPO, USN (ret.)*

In memory of Rob Eichem P'18'24†
Diane Sugden**

In memory of Peter Walsh '54†
Dick Walsh '52****

In memory of Charles Lawson† and
    Arthur “Doc” Washburn†

Peter Whelan '47***

In loving memory of Selma M. Waxman Widem P'47†
Susan Widem•