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2021-2022 Annual Report | Letter from the Chair of the Board

As I write this letter on a snowy January day in Utah, I am delighted to report that Solebury School has returned to its normal annual rhythms after the disruptions of the pandemic. Solebury has emerged from two years plagued by Covid as a stronger school, with increased enrollment, solid financial underpinnings and a deep sense of renewed purpose. For this, I thank the incredible work of Tom, his staff, and the faculty, who all did such a wonderful job of ensuring that all our students received a great education and were fully supported despite the difficult circumstances. 

The new school year opened in September with a vibrant student population of 249, invigorated faculty happy to be back to full in-person teaching, and a staff secure in the knowledge that our ambitious strategic plan was being implemented. It was truly a delight to visit the campus and see the school in full bloom once again. We have invested heavily over the past few years to upgrade our existing facilities, and now we are embarking on a new chapter.

Our major capital campaign, Shaping Solebury, is already successful. In this last year we received the largest single gift in the history of the school, and this, together with all the other wonderful gifts from our many supporters, for which I thank all of you who have contributed, enabled us to break ground in the fall 2022 on our new dorm, Hope Hall, which is on pace to be completed by the fall 2023. In addition we have been able to significantly upgrade much needed campus services, including the new wastewater treatment plant. I am particularly proud that the new dorm is being built to Passive House standards and designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This new dorm will be a major step in achieving our goal of a larger boarding population, and is the first step in building the Solebury School of the future as outlined in our strategic plan.

Once again, I would like to thank all of my fellow Board members for their unwavering support of the school, and thank them for the tremendous work that has been accomplished over the past year.

It has now been more than ten years since I was the parent of a senior who spent his high school years at Solebury, and I continue to believe that what we offer as a school, not just in academics but in life lessons, friendships and in developing successful adults is not only as powerful as ever but is improving with each year that passes.

Thank you for your support, and, as always, I am interested in any comments or suggestions you may have and I can be contacted at

Liz Tallett Wavle P'11
Chair of the Board

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