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Donor Recognition Program Summary

Solebury School HallsYearly Giving

The 1925 Society

The 1925 Society, established to commemorate the year in which Solebury School was founded, recognizes Solebury's most generous and dedicated alumni, parents and friends, who make significant financial gifts of $1,925 or greater annually to enhance the Solebury student experience. All gifts — annual, capital or endowment — totaling $1,925 or greater qualify.


Blue and White Society

A range of gifts, including annual giving, capital gifts and gifts to endowment, at all levels, benefit Solebury School. All gifts support continued excellence in teaching and academic programs at Solebury, preserving the quality of our students' experience at this exceptional school. This is an opportunity for alumni, parents and friends to make a difference annually.

  • Supporter: $1 to $499 annually
  • Friend: $500 to $999 annually
  • Associate: $1,000 to $1,924


Young Alumni Society

Seniors and young alumni, who in their first five years after graduation make a donation of $19.25 or greater annually to Solebury School, join an influential group who are shaping the Solebury experience and inspiring others to do the same. Members share a desire to acknowledge the educational support they received as students and to help insure that the same quality Solebury education is provided for students that follow.


Cumulative Giving

Solebury School is fortunate with generations of leaders who have envisioned our School's future and whose generosity have helped to build a dynamic small school.


Honoring those who over the years have given a total of $1,000,000 or more to Solebury School.

Founders Society

Honoring those who over the years have given a total of $100,000 or more to Solebury School.


Planned Giving

Herbert S. Boyd Society

Members of the Herbert S. Boyd Society express their commitment to Solebury School by contributing to Solebury School's endowment through bequests, life-income and other planned gifts. Gifts through wills (bequests) continue to be the School's primary source of endowment. Solebury's first bequest, from the School's original treasurer, Herbert Boyd, was used to build the Herbert S. Boyd Dining Hall in 1968 and start the School's endowment.


Loyalty Giving

Shield Society

Members of the Shield Society demonstrate their loyalty and care for the Solebury School community by consistently making the School their philanthropic priority. Donor recognition is made for each 10-year commitment with special recognition for a donor's first gift and first five years of giving.

I Year Donor

5 Year Donor

* 10-19 Year Donor

** 20-29 Year Donor

*** 30-39 Year Donor

**** 40-49 Year Donor

***** 50-59 Year Donor