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#LoveSolebury Giving Day

Solebury School is more than a place to learn for students, more than a workplace for staff and faculty. It’s more than an alma mater. Solebury School is a way of life. 

Our School’s way of life is inclusive and diverse, supportive, and encouraging, challenging and flexible, respectful, and rewarding. We have seen that in action more than ever this year. Our community of faculty, staff, and families has met the endless tide of change with skills, smiles, and our Solebury “can do'' attitude towards challenges of any size. 

We look forward to brighter, closer times ahead by focusing on #LoveSolebury giving day on Wednesday, May 26.

Here's why your support this year is more important than ever: 

  Your gift to the Solebury Fund provides us with the critical dollars we need to keep our community strong and moving forward. 
♥ ​​ We can  meet Solebury’s ongoing needs of financial aid, departmental budgets, campus upkeep, and much more, thanks to the generosity of donors like you.
♥​ We want to continue to support our students and each other, and with your gift we can do just that.

Join us in giving back on May 26 to connect with one another. You can support #LoveSolebury by sharing posts on Instagram and Facebook as a Social Media Ambassador, or by making a donation, or both! 

Your support will help our students not miss a beat, when life returns to normal.

How we take care of our school is a reflection of how we take care of our community. As members of the Solebury community, you are what matters most.

The Solebury Fund 2020-21

Our goal: $400,000
Raised: $293,000
The Solebury Fund runs from July 1 - June 30.