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Expressing Gratitude Is Good for Us All!
Julie Laing and Bill Christy

We don’t know about you all, but we are incredibly grateful to have the ability to head back to campus next week and see our students and colleagues live and in person! In the midst of what has been such an uncertain and difficult time, this ability to return to campus is certainly a bright spot for us all. We’d like to take this moment to talk about how recognizing this “bright spot” is beneficial for our emotional well being.

Time to Get Back to Our (New) Normal
Julie Laing & Bill Christy

Many of us have lost our routines and our kids in particular have probably been off of their track for so long they may struggle a little bit to get back on. We should all expect some pushback and struggle, but now is the time to begin getting back to routines, schedules and definitely some better sleep hygiene.

Supporting Our Students as They Return to School Following the Stay-at-Home order
Julie Laing and Bill Christy

No matter what you call it, how you experienced it or what political affiliation you most consider yourself, I think we can all agree that COVID 19 and the shutdown of our country was disruptive for everyone. As Solebury School gears up for fall, whether your student is returning in person or virtually, I think it is safe to say that we can expect the transition may have some speed bumps.