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Julie Laing and Bill Christy

Debating with our kids about their attachment to their phones has become a common conversation in so many households over the last few years. Yet during the time of Covid, they have also become lifelines for our kids as they deal with this new reality where social distancing is a thing and so many of their routine interactions no longer happen. However, Putting it down occasionally in order to engage with their family, do something helpful for someone else, or begin developing other interests is essential. But how do we do it without feeling like a nag and instigating an argument?

Test Stress and How You Can Help
Julie Laing and Bill Christy

It’s that time of the year again when students of all grades begin to feel their anxiety rise; as the end of the trimester and the possibility of an exam or a final paper loom large. For many kids, their fall has been a flurry of new faces and attempting to settle in—stretching their social muscles and finding their places amongst the student body. Within the whirlwind of all of that, it is suddenly November and that signals the closing of the first trimester of their year. Unfortunately, it also signals exams, final projects, and a rise in many of our students' stress levels.

Empowering Our Students to Begin Managing Their STRESS
Julie Laing and Bill Christy

School has finally begun again and things are as “normal” as they are going to get for the moment. Schoolwork, social interactions, and big transitions have suddenly been thrust upon these kids who have had their lives disrupted for the last 7 months. All of these things often lead to the same place—STRESS! Stress is a normal and natural part of our human experience, however, learning how to effectively manage our own stress is a lifelong endeavor.

Expressing Gratitude Is Good for Us All!
Julie Laing and Bill Christy

We don’t know about you all, but we are incredibly grateful to have the ability to head back to campus next week and see our students and colleagues live and in person! In the midst of what has been such an uncertain and difficult time, this ability to return to campus is certainly a bright spot for us all. We’d like to take this moment to talk about how recognizing this “bright spot” is beneficial for our emotional well being.

Julie Laing & Bill Christy

Many of us have lost our routines and our kids in particular have probably been off of their track for so long they may struggle a little bit to get back on. We should all expect some pushback and struggle, but now is the time to begin getting back to routines, schedules and definitely some better sleep hygiene.