“Tricking” Your Kids Into Putting Down Those Phones

Julie Laing and Bill Christy


Debating with our kids about their attachment to their phones has become a common conversation in so many households over the last few years. Yet during the time of Covid, they have also become lifelines for our kids as they deal with this new reality where social distancing is a thing and so many of their routine interactions no longer happen. On some level, over the course of this pandemic, I’ve come to appreciate the access to Snapchat, Instagram, and various other social media apps where they can connect with others. I’ve even stopped bugging my own sons to put down the video games as I’m just happy that they are engaging with their friends! However, “everything in moderation” is a saying for a reason and even though I want my students and my own kids to remain connected, I also acknowledge that the phone can be a tool of avoidance. It can become a habit where nothing more productive than cat videos are happening. Putting it down occasionally in order to engage with their family, do something helpful for someone else, or begin developing other interests is essential. But how do we do it without feeling like a nag and instigating an argument? Here’s an article I came across that might give you some ideas to help this happen!

Six Things Teens Can (And Should) Do Besides Looking at Their Phones
by Katie BinghamSmith | January 20, 2021