Purchasing Books for the 2020-21 School Year

Solebury School has changed our book ordering policy; we are now asking families to purchase new or used books on their own. This means that the school will no longer stock or sell textbooks. There are many factors behind this decision but two primary ones rise to the fore. One, we want to help families save money by avoiding the markup price we have to apply to books that we process through the school store. Purchasing the books directly, new or used, will be much less expensive for families. Two, a growing number of families were already buying books on their own, which meant the school store was often stuck with significant losses due to unpurchased textbooks. Other benefits include giving students the chance to preview material before the academic year begins and the ability to seek out the lowest cost or a used text.

You can find all book requirements by class on the Academic Bulletin. If you need help finding books, Solebury School's book buyer, Kristina Bauman, will be available over the summer to help you; please direct all book inquiries to her at books@solebury.org.

Families traveling from a great distance to Solebury School are encouraged to have the books shipped to the school for pickup on registration day. Additionally, our book buyer will also be available on registration day to assist any families needing to make last-minute purchases.

Parallel to this policy change is an enhanced use of the School Life Fund. Students will now be able to use their accounts for programs and trips under $200 for which you would have otherwise submitted a separate payment. Any remaining credit balance will be applied to future tuition billing. You can contact businessoffice@solebury.org at any time to check the balance in your child’s account or to request a statement of charges.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact books@solebury.org, which will be checked regularly throughout the summer.