Commencement 2021

Saturday, June 5

Solebury School welcomed the Class of 2021 into its alumni ranks with a beautiful outdoor ceremony among family, friends, faculty, staff, and alumni.

"We’ve all changed so much in the past four years. We’ve become closer as a class and a community and yet regardless of all of that we are our own people," said Elizabeth Agyei '21, one of our four senior speakers, along with Tim Carroll '21, Bri Hughes '21, and Peiyao Liu '21. "We belong together because we are different from each other. We are a class that has had to incorporate change in every part of our lives for the past two years. We are the graduates of 2021, a class that has had to face so many challenges yet we made the best of every situation. We laughed and cried through everything, knowing that we would make it. I couldn’t be prouder to call myself a member of this class. It’s a pleasure to have spent the past four years with you."

Libby Fifer was chosen by the Class of 2021 to be the ceremony's faculty speaker. She gave a beautiful and wise speech, sharing advice for growth and a few lessons she wanted to reinforce with our new graduates. "For those of you who are graduating today, you now have the opportunity to go out into the world and create a new template for interdependence, one that has your beliefs and the things you care about in it. You are coming from a place where there are those who care for you deeply, with whom you are interdependent. This is what Solebury is at its best, this is what each of us is and can be at our best. Put another way, you will have the opportunity to find out so much more about what kind of society you want to build, what communities make you feel held, and what kind of relationships help you discover who you are. Hopefully, Solebury has given you a head start and hopefully these are questions you will continue to ask throughout your lives. The best questions do not have a single static answer, rather their answers grow and change as we do."

Congratulations to our newest alumni! 

Commencement photos

(Photos by Kelli Abdoney and Stephen Barth)

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