Commencement 2022

Saturday, June 4

Solebury School welcomed the Class of 2022 into its alumni ranks with a beautiful outdoor ceremony among family, friends, faculty, staff, and alumni. After two years of Covid restrictions, this year’s commencement was even more special as we returned under the Graduation Oak tree.

"When I opened my arms up to the kind Solebury community, they opened their arms right back. I have met so many amazing friends this year and have had many memorable experiences offered to me," said Skiles Roberts-Salvador '22, one of our four senior speakers, along with Ali Eckstein '22, Dan Cosner '22, and Sivan Sailor '22. "Look at us. We have all fought difficult odds to get here, both personal and universal. We live in an ever-changing and complex world that has been riddled with dissonance in the past couple of years. But, despite all of that, we have made it to the end of this journey. And for that, we all have a little bit of hope inside of us that has brought us here.… We should all be so proud of that hope.... Thank you Solebury School, all of the amazing teachers, and all of my fellow students! Let's go Class of 2022!"

Anthony Porter was chosen by the Class of 2022 to be the ceremony's faculty/staff speaker. He began by sharing a song he wrote when Solebury welcomed the community back for in-person learning in September 2020. The song, and Anthony's speech, echoed the message that our graduates will always find a home and will always be welcome at Solebury. "I truly believe this is a special community, filled with wonderful, accepting people, and we are all fortunate to have each other as we go through each day.... As you all graduate today, I want you to take a minute and be really proud of the achievements you have made to get you here today, along with the friendships you have made here. Graduation is a huge milestone, so today is a great day to throw your arms up and really celebrate! Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. Remember, there is always a place for you at Solebury. You are always welcome here, and whether that means keeping in contact with the friends you have made here, or coming back to campus to visit, you are always a part of our community."

Congratulations to our newest alumni!

Commencement photos

(Photos by Kelli Abdoney and Stephen Barth)

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