TEDxSoleburySchool 2016: Meredith Agran

Learning "Learning": Understanding and Accepting Learning Differences

"The main purpose of my presentation is to share my personal challenges in accepting my learning differences in order to validate viewers’ own experiences with different learning styles. It is difficult for a student to face his or her own perceived “failures” at school, and it is common for students, teachers, and parents alike to dismiss such 'failures' as inevitable, or worse, to blame them on the student.

"My presentation seeks to educate viewers on the options available, not only to those struggling with learning differences, but also to any individual who feels he or she learns in a manner that does not conform to societal expectations. Through this conversation, I hope to convince viewers that there is no shame in thinking differently, just as there is no shame in being unique. I will also provide a tool box of coping mechanisms and tactics for specialized educational needs based on my own struggles, experiences, and triumphs with my learning differences in the hope that they will help others on their journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance."

About Meredith Agran '13

Meredith attended Solebury School and graduated in 2013. She now is studying at Smith College for her Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. After graduating in 2017, she intends to pursue a career in the video game industry and is considering researching video game narrative structure and design in graduate school. When she is not playing video games under the pretense of research, Meredith enjoys creative writing, reading books on odd topics, and scolding her friends for over-boiling, over-steeping, and under-appreciating really expensive tea.